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  1. I find Bodum to be overpriced. IKEA sell a couple of decent quality glass french presses, 0.4 and 1 litre size. I have the smaller one and it can't be faulted for the price. As an added bonus you get to dine out on meatballs, yum.
  2. If you have the bench space and can afford it get both. Use the Breville for stove top and french press and using the Mazzer as your dedicated espresso grinder. You may find it frustrating switching between coarse and fine as once you have your fine setting it can take a couple of pulls to return to that setting. HowardSmith made a good point about the Barista Express. I had a BE for 4 years and it was ok, however, they are not great grinders, adequate and that's about it.
  3. As soon as it starts to hiss, you can just hear a slight whine turn your heat to low, if you have the instant rings keep alternating between medium and low and as soon as the full flow comes out take it off the heat and place it on a cold wet tea or dish cloth to stop it as it changes to blond and before it changes to clear liquid. It is much easier with gas, so it may be worthwhile getting a one ring .camping gaz stove.
  4. Erimus

    Lost cleaning disk

    If you have a pressurised single basket, tape over the tiny hole on the inside with aluminium foil tape. You now have the equivalent of a blank disc.
  5. There is no earthly need for that plastic insert if you warm your machine up properly. It gets filthy underneath (think dirt trap) and will definitely taint your coffee if not removed and cleaned on a very regular basis. I had an Express for over 4 years and getting rid of that piece of plastic was one of the first things that I did.
  6. I had a similar problem with the BES920 double boiler water filter, Breville changing the filter and couldn't find the new one on their web site. Anyway, this new upgraded filter is far superior to the old type and the good news is they last for 6 months according to Breville customer service. So really it works out at a comparable price to the original.
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