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  1. For anyone who is following this message. The bolts above are the right size. I replaced them and it seems to be fine. I replaced the pump with one of the 'silent' ones. It is quieter, but not a huge difference. The ramp speed still seems to be slower than it used to be (8ish seconds) but the pump is not stuttering
  2. Is the 1/4 inch the right size? It seems small but I have the bolts back in the machine so I can't check. While still a work in progress. I gave it a basic descale before pulling out the bolts to check the condition (they do need replacing) and looked in the tank, looks clean and free of calc. Together it will now come up to pressure, albeit a bit slower than normal and with a stutter still. I have ordered a new pump anyway as I will fit the quiet one you mentioned. Once all the parts arrive I will replace bolts and pump together, give it a full check of everything surrounding the pump and see how it goes.
  3. I appreciate the help, and will go through the steps, just have to wait for the parts and the time to pull it apart again. Thought these might have indicated something else. I won't post again until I have gone through them
  4. I'm getting close to handing it over to a professional to take a look. I turned it on, put in the blank portafilter and ran it, the pressure on the machine and head gauges both went to about 2 bar, but then after about 15 seconds with the pump running the pressure in the steam boiler went up sharply and released the pressure release valve on it. When I ran the steam wand there was water in the steam wand (temp was at 125), so I think the tank had overfilled.
  5. Thanks all, the water is famously hard here. I was hoping the Peak plus regular descaling would cover it. I also hope the scale on those bolts is not representative of the scale inside the machine because they miss out on the descaling. Is there any way to test the pump separately? What pump would you recommend if I am replacing it anyway? Should I just replace the solenoid too? Thanks
  6. Thanks David, I will look at replacing those and add tape. I put the machine back together and got a day of coffee out of it. Today the pump still runs (or sounds like it does) but the pressure is only coming up to about 2 bars.
  7. I do flush the boiler to empty about every two weeks. I don't think could resin beads could get through, there is a filter on the end of the pickup.
  8. Thanks for the info. The fishy smell turned out to be nothing to do with the machine. It is my water (Copenhagen - very hard) and the Peak water filter. Its a known thing and very prevalent in Copenhagen. I took the machine apart and didn't find any loose connections or obvious electrical issues that would cause the pump noise. For the pump, have taken a video if anyone has any thoughts on it (will upload later). I am leaning towards getting a new one and replacing it as they sound cheap to see if it resolves. However I did see a couple of other things (see attached photos). I know there is more calc around even after the jug filter than I would like but I thought the regular descales would do a decent job controlling it. photos are, bottom of steam boiler, top of steam boiler, connector in box
  9. Hi All I am going to take apart the machine and have a look around tonight, however I thought I would ask if anyone has any ideas. My Minima is one of the Beta version, nearly 3 years old and is on ~ 10 hours a day. Cleaned regularly, descaled ever 6 months or so. I have recently noticed a very occasional stutter from the pump, less than 1/2 sec, maybe 3-4 times within 5 seconds, it comes with a corresponding blip (drop) in pressure but then the shot always completes. I also think there is a slight fishy smell coming from the internals (like you get when wiring/insulation is heating). Before I take it apart to inspect, does anyone have any experience or thoughts on where I should be concentrating. Thanks, Ryan
  10. I had exactly this when my probe broke. To confirm you can switch the probes where they go into the controller then you should see t1 go crazy and t2 work. I then also switched the whole probes over to allow me to make espresso and black coffee until I go the complete fix.
  11. It sounds like I am talking about the vacuum breaker, it is the bit which if you press on it when it is running as normal steam comes out. I will take a video when it starts happening again. Let me know if you still want a photo. I am only looking to identify the cause at the moment. It was leaking onto the bench so it needed some investigation.
  12. Something else I have noticed. since having the steam boiler off there has been some water leaking from somewhere. I took the top off and I can see that water is leaking from the presure release valve at top of the steam boiler (hope I have got the name right). At a guess it looks like the steam pressure would normally hold the valve closed, but when it is cold it is open and allow some water to leak out. I have drained some water from the boiler and it appears to have stopped.
  13. Had all the tools back in Australia, I have hardly anything here, however if it was broken completely I suspect it would be giving me the A1 code, but some slight damage which is changing the resistance would be enough cause it to go a bit off (when it is not giving the A2 code, it is sometimes reading 135 degrees + when it is cold.) I switched over the probes so I can make espresso and black coffee now
  14. I will check tonight. But since the error changed from brew boiler to steam boiler when I changed the probe plugs around, wouldn't that indicate it would be A1? because the fault is wherever I plug the brew boiler temp probe into.
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