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  1. The Espazzola should work just fine in the ACS Minimal as this machine features a grouphead similar to the E61. Thank you for your order!
  2. The promotion aimed at introducing the Espazzola to more users here in the forum and to get some feedback. Thanks to all who participated! It's possible that we'll do another promotion in the future - but not anytime, soon, I'm afraid.
  3. A quick note to all who would like to try the Espazzola: the voucher code 7L3WK4IFYCGK which you can use in our webshop: https://www.espazzola.ch/en/shop is valid until end of this month. So, two (and a half) more days to go... Cheers!
  4. I would recommend to clean with the Espazzola first then backflush, but the order of steps is not that important, actually. On a related note: back-flushing is useful to remove any coffee fats and oils sticking to the inner surfaces of the hydraulics, e.g. pipes or back of the shower screen. The mechanical action of the water alone will not wash away these very sticky substances. Cleaning agents (the powder or tablets used for this task) are necessary. However, these agents need some time to dissolve the fatty substances into the hot water. The rapid cycle of building up pressure for a few seconds, release, rinse, repeat... often seen in advisories is not very effective (and is only somewhat useful to remove coffee residues like grounds from the outer surfaces). Thus, we recommend a different cleaning schedule: clean your grouphead at least daily with the Espazzola. For back-flushing, use some cleaning product, build up pressure, release *and let sit for a few minutes*! This way the cleaning agent can do its work on the inner surfaces, dissolving any fats there. After waiting, rinse thoroughly. This way back-flushing doesn't need to be done daily - every few days (e.g. once a week or fortnight) is enough, depending on your coffee load, of course. In the end you'll need much less effort and chemicals (money saved!) to keep your machine clean. Daily back-flushing really only is a workaround, promoted by professionals because they know users in coffee shops rarely spend the time to painstakingly brush out the grouphead every day (unless you have an Espazzola, of course ). Without daily back-flushing, the state of groupheads in many machines used professionally would be even more pitiful than it is today. Please note that over-doing these 'intense back-flush' can eat away on the beneficial lubricants applied to the valves in some machines. This is less of an issue with the short-cycle back-flush widely promoted, because frankly, they don't remove much of any oil or fat anyway.
  5. You are certainly right. Having the water run for 20 seconds makes for a very thorough cleaning. We do recommend this as a starting point to be adapted to your own cleaning routine. I think, often 5 seconds can be enough. Depends on how much residues are clinging to the grouphead, of course.
  6. Most parcels will arrive within a few days. However, every now and then there is that odd outlier, which needs even weeks. Courier is German Post and Royal Mail (in UK, obviously). Tracking is available through 'Track and Trace' of Royal Mail (remove extra white spaces before querying!), or through this link: https://www.deutschepost.de/sendung/simpleQueryResult.html Here, you'll also need the date of dispatch, which you can find in the email we sent you. Hope this helps. If there are further question, please contact us directly (through PM or email). Thanks
  7. While we speak of folks who don't read everything (who does?): With this voucher code: 7L3WK4IFYCGK you can order a copy of the Espazzola at our webshop: https://www.espazzola.ch/en/shop with a discount of 30% and free shipping! We are very curious to read your feedback on our tool here in the forum! Thought it would be wise to mention this once more, before the original post gets buried at unreachable depths... Thank you everyone participating in this thread!
  8. An Espazzola able to fit the La Spaziale should only be a matter of months, now. We'll report here...
  9. Sage is difficult for us - not the least because it's not a well-known brand in our area. If I'm not mistaken, Sage (a.k.a. Breville) use two different kinds of groupheads for their machines. One with a shower diameter of about 53 mm and three cams on the portafilter, the other with 58mm and two cams. The 53mm Espazzola *could* fit into the 53mm Sage, but this will need testing. Actually, the current Espazzola equally *could* fit into the larger Sage machines, maybe after cutting down on the cams (or lugs) on the cup. We never had an opportunity to test this ourselves. If anyone with a suitable machine wants to try this (with a 58mm machine), we'll happily assist her or him in this endeavor. Please send us personal message! Thank you.
  10. Not quite yet. Actually we have just finished the design for a 53mm Espazzola (Dalla Corte, La Spaziale and similar machines, NOT Pavoni or Saeco - these feature very narrow groupheads and more development is needed). However, it will take about 3 months until this new Espazzola is available (making the molds, testing, etc.) So a bit of patience is unfortunately needed.
  11. Yes, the membrane first needs to be mounted into the cup section of the Espazzola. However, this looks more complicated than it is (IMHO). We also provide an easy-to-follow video, for those who haven't mastered ESPAZZOLA-origami quite yet. [video=youtube_share;L1LtOKJdI-M]
  12. Thank you for this feedback! We'll check that asap.
  13. This depends - there is a possibility to waver VAT if (and only if) it is a shipment starting in one country of the EU, delivered to someone with a valid VAT ID (so a registered business entity) in another country of the EU. This is called a 'tax-free intra-community delivery'. If the shipment goes to a person (not a business) then VAT cannot be waived. However, there is a lot of confusion with this topic and your Italian supplier might make a mistake here (or you are ordering as a VAT registered business). In any case, the administrative overhead involved with tax-free intra-community deliveries is so big, IMHO, that it's only worth it for orders exceeding 50 GBP.
  14. It fits into the Gaggia classic, but it's a rather tight fit in the beginning. The cams on the cup are just a few tenths of a millimeter wider than the corresponding opening in the grouphead. Thus, the first few times you insert the Espazzola into your machine, a bit of force is needed. Once this tiny overhang is ground down (when actuating the Espazzola during cleaning) the fit will be just perfect.
  15. Thank you for your nice review, Snakehips! Wear on the handle is mostly an issue with turning the Espazzola to early. When inserting the Espazzola into the grouphead, one needs to make sure to push the tool all the way up before turning ccw to lock it in place. With portafilters we are used to lock them once we feel the first contact of the portafilter rim with the sealing gasket in the top of the grouphead. With the Espazzola this 'first noticable resistance' occurs when the tips of the loops of the membrane make contact. At this point one needs to push up for about 10 mm more, so that the loops curl outwards into the groove of the grouphead. If one trys to lock the Espazzola upon first contact, the lugs (or cams) on the cup are pressed hard against the lower rim of the grouphead. This will result in damage of the Espazzola (someone has to give and it won't be the grouphead made from metal). If one takes care to first push the Espazzola all the way up before turning, wear should not be much of an issue at all.
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