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  1. Hello all, Noticed Urban and Saint Cafe, offer V60 and Aeropress on their menu, so going to pop in and try - never seen this before on a menu, always been the espresso based drinks. Any other recommendations of places to visit?
  2. hi all. I own a filter machine (tescos I think, cheap as chips) Tried the bodum pour over which I loved until it broke; am toying with buying a chemex, aeropress and french press. Am a fan of the old stove top pots but think I cheat as I don't like espresso and have to add off boiled water to the cup. Not a fan of the expresso silver machine coffee culture, I lived in Colombia for a while and their independent coffee shop scene is amazing; think weighing scales, thermometers, goose neck kettles with so many brew styles. Just bought some weighing scales, a grinder & a the
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