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  1. Thanks for the reply lad. Going to get one of these. https://www.wdscomponents.com/en-gb/rubber-gaiters-for-universal-joints-wds-554/c-604/p-1714/v-12937 From local auto factors tomorrow. Will post results. Got the solution on this forum whilst looking for Mazzer "bellows"
  2. Hoping to put one of there on top to clear grinds from chute but haven't a clue where to buy one. Cylindrical shape rather than balloon. Thanks
  3. Thanks a million for the reply. Coffee lacks a punch. 18g it is.
  4. Silvia came with a 14g basket. Will an 18g basket fit in the portafilter or do I need to get a naked one? Also is the generic naked portafilter as good as the Rancilio one? Thanks
  5. Press out the burr in that part and turn it 180 degrees and push back in. Screw back in Now the chewed teeth should be on the opposite side away from the worm gear
  6. Take yer time lad, no hurry. Just let me know the full price. All the best
  7. Would you post the sj to Ireland? I would cover cost
  8. What paint did you use on this job? And is it withstanding any bangs? It turned out really well
  9. Found it 4x4x13.5 Bought a seal replacement kit but after 2 weeks the steam wand seal started to disintegrate Made a replacement seal from PTFE and working attest. (So far)
  10. Would anyone know the dimensions of the steam wand seal. Will try to purchase off the shelf one in plumbing supplies Thanks
  11. Thanks for the advice Will put a request in wanted too
  12. What would be a the next step up quality wise? Second hand preferably
  13. Back on track and grinding. Thanks a mill to Scott
  14. Scott came up trumps Super speedy reply and a reasonable price. Thanks for all the help
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