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  1. I didnt mean it mattered that you lived outside of uk, but obviously you couldnt obtain and pay with a postal order outside of uk. I just looked into the paypal account and diidnt feel comfortable with setting it up. Anyway will be closing my account now on this forum.
  2. really cant be bothered with mentality of some people on here, I have asked admin for my account to be closed.
  3. I don't have a paypal account, the person wanting to buy could only pay with paypal no other method, they don't live in uk. I am not setting up a paypal account if I don't want to, I wanted payment via postal order, or collection in person. you know I have given stuff away on this forum for free and try my best to help new members, the one time I try to sell something I get a shed load of abuse for not having a paypal account. so if you think I have broken some kind of forum rules, I don't even care, I will not be bullied into opening an account I don't want with paypal
  4. no need to be rude, My choice if I don't want to open a paypal account, items have been sold anyway via a local site and collected. don't worry I wont try to sell anything again on the forum
  5. update collection only, or payment via a postal order as I don't have a paypal account and just looked into getting one and its not something I feel comfortable with.
  6. Thankyou have made an ammendment
  7. thankyou but, as stated in thread want to wait a few days first to see if I can sell it all as a joblot as its my preference to get rid of it all in one go. If in a few days I have not sold as one lot, I will l get back to you about the aeropress. Thanks
  8. what is your budget? are you looking to make only coffee or wanting milk based drinks like latte?
  9. Will get a photo added later thanks Dave.
  10. I spent £140 in total on this stuff. its all looked after and good condition.
  11. an Americano is espresso with hot water the added, long black is hot water with and espresso added to it, ultimately both are the same drink just espresso added opposite ways round. With the long black the crema is more preserved on top of the finished drink.
  12. sold via a local for sale group and been collected.
  13. What machines did you have in mind in your shortlist? What budget do you have? And welcome from a fellow N.I member.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum, nice set up Andreja premium. What beans do you usually use? I love bailies and in Belfast so very locally roasted, result
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