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  1. It could well be down to distribution, thanks.
  2. Yes. Can get it to extract properly, just need to take more care so that's what I do, but was hoping for a snug fit and some time saved.
  3. So they made the PF inbetween a 53 and 54? We'll done! [emoji23] Pain!
  4. So I've now got 53mm Motta Tamper. Super quick delivery, only ordered yesterday from Bella Barista. As recommended here... Thing is the same as the old one... doesn't fit perfectly?!
  5. rodduz

    Tamper 53mm

    'Tis indeed so thanks for that! :good: Any 53mm going?
  6. rodduz

    Tamper 53mm

    Any going?
  7. Thought it was okay by my standards! Asked 2 1/2 year old what shape it was and she said a moon!
  8. Yesssssss!
  9. Struggling to dial this bean in. Stuck with what I've used for previous beans (RAVE signature, RAVE Columbia Suarez & PACTplanalto) 16.5g in > 33g out in 30. Just adjusted grind slightly to get these numbers. Worked fine. With this fudge I'm adjusting ever so slightly and its swinging too far passed 30 secs or too far before it. Tastes pretty decent still though. Any idea what I can do? Sagfe DTP and Mazzer SJ
  10. I'm happy(ish) with it anyway! Beats my efforrts lately which were going backwards.
  11. Yes think I need to go back to the beginning, not that it was any good anyway but I could at least pour it and as bring jug closer the foam rises like it should, doesn't seem to now. I'll keep on plodding [emoji106]
  12. Jealous! Mine seems to be going backwards! Just can't get the milk right. At least I think that's the problem. That or the crema starting to break up by the time I've steamed the milk [emoji849]
  13. Thanks for the tip. I think I'm getting that, yes. Since taking delivery of 'proper' cups where I can get the pour closer to the surface I'm seeing that I don't need to add 'loads' of air.
  14. Yes, I'm starting to see the limitations of the included tamper... I'll have a browse. Thanks
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