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  1. I decided to order the original bottomless PF with wooden handle from lamachinadelcoffee italian shop. I like the original chrome rounded look much better and i want the wooden handle anyways. The Romanian guy says SS is better due to hardness as the original ones were prone to cracking, but i will take that risk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, This is the bottomless from coffee sensor the Romanian guy, right? I have the same machine and am planning to buy the same PF. Have you understood what was the root cause for your issue? Was it a defective PF or does it normally require a custom group seal? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have a question on the upcoming decent scale. I have an ITO/Leva! smart controller with BLE interface. So far it has been developed and tested to work exclusively with Skale2 only. I asked the controller vendor and he is not sure so i am asking here - is the decent scale using exactly the same command set, protocol, api, etc so that can be safely assumed it will work with a controller developed for Skale2? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Totally agreed. Its not a fair comparison by any means. Thats why i really believe that the root cause is mostly due to too high expectations set by too much forum reading. Anyways i am not selling it, overall i am very satisfied user and there are no real alternatives available on the market. Probably i was hoping that the Niche would cure the desire for a Monolith Flat and this is where it really failed Just wanted to share a different point of view, not to start a pointless dispute. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. PID-ed Silvia on 6bar OPV. VST18, bottomless PF, each shot metered, weighed and noted. I am very careful and systematic with shot prep and recipes. Ofcourse still miles away from the La Marzocco Mistral at the Coffee Shop, but still i dont think it is much of a limiting factor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I am now 2.5 months with the niche after upgrade from 50mm mignon. We are a household of 2 so 1-1,5kg monthly max. As expected our coffee consumption significantly increased due to initial enthusiasm around the niche and the long waited single dosing capabilities. I decided to comment here because the main topic is taste and here is where i am still unsatisfied or to be more precise- my (high) expectations are not (yet) met. Chances are that it is purely subjective thing caused by unrealistically high expectations biased by the thousands positive comments read in the forums. Not that the taste is bad, but i really expected more dramatic improvement over the mignon in the cup. In fact i believe that my best shots so far are still from the mignon. All other (also significant) benefits such as workflow, single dosing, aesthetics, etc. are completely and undeniably there and it is enough to justify the cost. Still hoping to get some gradual improvements as the burrs brake in. Few days ago i went to a 3rd wave coffee shop in Istanbul and tried an espresso - it was amazing. Locally roasted SO from Guatemala. They were grinding with Robur, so i thought i might expect similar taste (Conical). Perfect opportunity for comparison, so i bought 250g of the same fresh beans. The result was quite a disappointment. Tried any ideas for recipe, but nothing came close to the perfectly balanced taste at the coffee shop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This is the best available option, in theory will make your Silvia almost similar to a Vesuvius ;-) But keep in mind it requires even more technical skills. In fact my plan is the same. If (or when) mecoffee dies i will install this one. On the other hand such expensive upgrades make no financial sense as it will make the total machine cost comparable to much better machines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for sharing. I have also experimented and settled on 98-100C based on taste depending on beans. I also fully agree that the proactive feature has very noticeable impact, not necessarily for the good. Most probably our sensors calibration is off with such large difference. Since i am doing more or less slow flow shots i keep it in the low 10-30% range. Anything above that and the net effect on espresso is similar to higher brew temp overall. Although the idea for the proactive feature is good i believe that the implementation is too simplistic to actually mimic the physics model and characteristics of the boiler-heater-grouphead-puck system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 106,5C brew temperature WOW! Do you really get good espresso on that temp? Have you tried lowering? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. For the few months since i have it i have settled on 98-99C based on taste.
  11. What about crema? Do you get good thick crema? I can never do with the SM Sweetshop, whereas almost all other blends and single origin give me lots of thick crema.
  12. I am also struggling with the same coffee now, but couldnt find the sweet spot yet. The delivery got delayed so it is roasted 8 apr and i was wondering if it is somehow stale. In fact the taste is not bad, but i am sure theres much more to it. I dont like the visual extraction, it runs somehow “dry”. I know that LaPav is a totally different animal than my PIDed Silvia (6bar), but what is your recipe?
  13. I wouldnt cancel the cashback. This guy is a fraud and should be punished. He is never responding to any support enquiries - even for your DoA unit, while on the same time he is processing orders and shipping units very quickly. Also removing his app from the AppStore is probably due to complaints or he is no longer complying to their rules.
  14. Sharing some experience after going through 200gr of very good coffee: - i had no significant issues with consistency on 9 bar (of course at the cost of careful prep ritual), but on 6 bar - extraction consistency is amazing. It is safe to say that i can nail any desired recipe once dialed in within 1g/1sec for shot after shot after shot. Havent had any evidence of channeling since went down on 6 bar. - grinder adjustment resolution had noticeably inproved. I am using 50mm Mignon which is normally too sensitive. On 6 bar you have obviously better resolution for fine tuning, e.g. the tuning knob is less sensitive. This is very good, especially combined with the consistency improvement really makes fine tuning up to 1s accuracy possible while predictable and repeatable. - crema is not significantly worse. Even if it is somewhat less it has better texture. I have always wondered why my setup produces lots of crema but with “foamy” instead of velvety texture. On 6bar it has moved towards “velvety” which i like. - taste is very good, but i have had also very good shots on 9bar. Probably the goal here is to have most of the shots to be as good as possible. - my initial observation that i can grind finer still holds I just finished this COE winner beans from Brazil and will continue with experiments with three supposedly very good beans from Square Mile. Will keep posted. So far i am happy, thanks for the great hint!
  15. I was also wondering the same thing in regards to setting 6bar by adjusting the OPV on ulka-based machines? Most of the discussions so far was related to commercial machines with rotary pumps, gicleurs, restrictors, etc, so the flow profile should definitely look different. After reading this thread along with all linked threads and blogs i set my Silvia to 6bar and burned through 300gr of coffee experimenting. It is too early for any conclusions, but at least it is not worse than before on 9bar and definitely allows for finer grind. Will keep it like that for at least few weeks before jumping into conclusions and will share. I also have the MeCoffee PID which allows for basic pump power control (essentialy dimming the pump with linear profiles), but after 2 months of experimenting i find it non-beneficial. The best shots are always on flat 100% pump power. Nevertheless the pump control feature works very well and predictable and i can use it in addition to the 6bar OPV to reduce the flow along with the pressure if i find the need to.
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