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  1. Help with which bit? Sourcing a machine or gas usage?
  2. Its the group seal that holds that in. Pull the seal out and it will come out. Those are flared at the top bit that you cant see which makes it wedge in place
  3. Yep they do do a couple of different ones. Try a fc96 if its still available - its shorter one
  4. Another re the screw mark Tamp and place a 5p ontop. Put handle in and take out again. Take the 5p off. If its left a mark - not a huge dent - then thats good. Regarding issues with frothing and doses etc - it may be more prudent to post in one of the other sections of the site where theres more footfall and title it with the issue. You will get more people answering that way with different ideas and methods etc so try them all and see whats good for you 👍
  5. Scales is the best way for accuracy One way I may get shot down for - and quick and dirty way - get a very small plastic container. Maybe one that you get dips in from curry house. Put the correct dose in shake flat and then draw that line. Then cut along the line. Then every time you grind - as long as you fill it and level off the top - thats kinda the correct dose. Its only 'correct' in volume doing it that way and not weight but if you get the grind/dose/etc spot on first then make this little 'cup' it may not be miles off. Maybe a better way - grind till its
  6. Try this Watch it all or skip to 6.30 for the technique 👍
  7. Once tamped its close to the line on the basket. Also when you wait a min to take the handle out then look at the top of the puck - you see the screw mark from the screw that holds the shower plate in. Thats a ball park method anyway
  8. Your dropping the steam arm too soon into the milk so theres barely any froth created. Keep at the top for longer before you drop it deeper. Keep the wand to one side to try and create a whirlpool effect. Regarding doses/times - it seems to be usual to weigh the coffee grinds that you put into the handle and also the shot weight that comes out. Also the time from switching the pump on to off. This way you get the same results every time and comparisons can be made to other people who use the same coffee and have a sound base for tweaking the shot
  9. Freshly ground? What gram dose went in the basket? What dose in the cup? How long did it take for said dose?
  10. To be fair - I wouldnt even measure the temperature. To increase the temperature you have to increase the steam pressure which also increases the hot water valve water..... Pressure gauge should read 1-1.1bar. As for the frothing - can you take a vidio of how you are doing it? Around half the jug is normal - just to the bottom of the spout. Wand to one side and tilted so it forces to spin the milk in the jug. Tip just in the milk. Around half the tip. Listen for high 'ticking sound' while frothing and adjust tip height to keep the sound. Once the right level of froth is there
  11. Takes around 30 mins on their bigger machines - I'd expect about 20 on that one. You can alter temperature slightly but give it a chance to see what its like first. Expect around 87-93c. The boiler water needs to achieve temperature to heat the water in the thermosiphon circuit. Then the thermo cycles the water through the head. If you can touch the head for more than 2/3 secs - its not hot enough. 👍
  12. Had the same probe a while back. Lasted about 3 months of daily use then the wires running through the pivot broke. They sent me a new one and that lasted a month 😔 Cotherm make good ones and lasted years when I was in catering 👍
  13. Fracino? They do a 21g basket though it needs a different handle I believe - both direct from them. Why one so big just out of interest?
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