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  1. Very good advice. I would err and say that advice is for elements tripping out electrics via earth leakage. If its 2megohm it may still heat and work fine. A simple continuity test would be just as good in this case as its not tripping out - just potentially lack of heat.
  2. Could be airlock in front boiler. They changed the design a little inside the front boiler so it coukdnt happen but depending on age. Also theres nothing to tell front boiler that its empty so when you put it together - kill feed to element but run the group to fill it. Then when flow is good - put power on element
  3. Gotta be honest - i can do that on all coffee machines. Couldn't put whole hand under for long though Not saying theres nothing wrong with it mind. Your there and I'm here lol
  4. Well I think they will ask you questions you cant answer due to it being in bits lol. Theres a pressurestat on the rear steam boiler that plays up. Temperature is related to pressure so what was the pressure on the guage when you hear it click in/out? Like you say - faulty element and it wouldn't heat. Once in a blue moon it might have been the element. I'd have put money on the pressure stat though. Seeing you have stripped it all - go mad and descale it. Pretty sure all the manuals are online for all spares. Good luck - just be patient with it.
  5. Slice the thin covering down the centre. Either replace with a little heatshrink or do a professional job with tape lol I believe its like that due to the closeness of the cover. Any particular reason to remove it? You changing the element?
  6. Did you take off the square brass plate thats attached to the group head? 4 allen bolts? Personally id have taken all that off as thats where it usually blocks and flush it all out
  7. Take group solonoid off and remove jet. Put jet nut back on. Turn water back on. Do you have any water coming out the holes under the group? If not then you just need to work backwards. If its sat for a while try the flow meter but id pul money on a blocked group/jet
  8. I know them pretty well. Hit me up if you need any advice 👍
  9. Im speaking to local coffee roasters regarding this - I can pull better shots at 4bar than they can at 9 🤔
  10. Also depends on the machine. Your not touching the safety valve at all and would potentially void the current certificate on the machine. On some more basic machines the pump pressure isnt adjustable so you are altering what the pressure at the puck would be before the valve opens. On machines that has a adjustable pump - you would use this for expansion pressure i believe. Take a tank fed domestic Fracino. It has a 15bar (i think) that you cant adjust - so you adjust this OPV it so it opens and recycles the excess pressure back into the fill tank so you get 9 bar at the puck. Someone poke me if im wrong
  11. Evening all A 18 month old Fracino CON2E....... Been on a filter all its life - in a mobile catering unit. Ideas whats it worth? I've seen them go for 500 and seen them for 1500. I have been offered it but unsure how much it would resale for
  12. To be fair it doesnt look too bad. It does look like an earlier stat which i dont believe they use any more. Too close to tell. I would just adjust it till it clicks open at 1.1 and leave at that. Also I would - before you go to fine adjustments - wind it in so the pressure goes too high. If the valve 'blows' between 1.6 and 1.8 then fine. If it gets to 1.8 and not blown - open the steam valve and switch machine off asap. Get the valve changed.
  13. Safety valve will start to operate between 1.6 and 1.8. May hiss a little at 1.5. Show us a pic of the valve - will be a number on it - shows the date of valve. Remove the black top from the pressure switch and check there. Run the steam on and off to see if the contacts are working correctly. Contacts should open at 1.1bar. If not adjust with the central bar. Pay close attention to the pads on the contacts. Has been knows to stick together causing issue you have. Good luck
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