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  1. Just a bit more feedback on my voyage with Grace. Having trouble letting go of my Grace... I like it a lot. Just was hoping to get better results from light roasts. I'm now thinking this might have been irrealistic. I've gone back to basics and watched videos, re-read lots of stuff. Experimented a bit. I'm now using the machine as intended by lelit: 93ºC for darker roasts, 95ºC for lighter. I now adjust ratio (yield) to fine-tune dialing in. With lighter roasts I may grind *coarser*, not finer, and increase ratio. This great video helped on that: Now regarding lig
  2. Sim, verdade!! Tu tb? Yes, I let it heat up for 20-30min at least. I'm thinking maybe the flow from the pump is off? Working the idea of measuring it, though only through coffee puck. For instance, at 9bar what is the flow? I know it's fast, but still measuring might bring some light. I usually gravitate around the usual 25-30s and 1:2 ratios. But have been all over the place. From 15s to 2min. From 1.25x to 5x... The commercial machine is an old portuguese machine, so it doesn't have preinfusion. The obvious differences are the huge boiler, the water softener, and maybe pressur
  3. First, thanks for helping out! yes, I started with numbers but stretched outside the usual stats, a lot. High pressure would be 10 to 11.5bar. It never chokes. If you wait enough coffee will come out. Of course, it will also start channeling. I have 2 good enough grinders. A commercial monster with 64mm burrs. And a new eureka manuale. I grind now exclusively on the eureka. I like it a lot. So I grind at home and take the coffee in a closed jar to the commercial setup. It’s like velvet. On the Lelit it’s always acid or sour. And I learned something I never heard of: if you grind fine
  4. Hi there. I have a Grace too for a while now. Motta has a 57mm tamper and a distribution tool too. The ascaso 57mm precision baskets also fit. Now, I’m not that happy with the machine. I can’t get 9bar and 25s extraction. If it’s 9bar it’s too fast. If it’s 25s it’s higher pressure. There is also the matter of getting 3 or 4 deep marks in the puck every time. I think this is from the setup of the machine to cope with ese pods. Darker roasts do fine, but lighter roasts are just impossible to dial. At ,most I get hints of what the coffee would be on other machines. I have access to an old c
  5. @ngldns81 I again, sorry for the looong delay... Very interesting... I don't get the nice spotted crema like yours. Mine is more darker larger spots, not so diffuse as yours. So if you estimate an 8C drop, what's the temp you configure the PID for? Thanks for your tips!
  6. dncarreira

    9 bars

    Well yes bc you were telling to set temp to 95C. This is too low for the Victoria which is like my grace model. The PID shows the boiler temp, and having a drop of at least 5C then your suggestion adjusted to this would be 100C. So I can now follow your reasoning. I got the 5C drop from a post where the author measured a series of shots on a previous model but very similar. I tried to measure myself but couldn't get it right. From drinking lots of bad shots I figure the drop should be around 5C but not sure.
  7. dncarreira

    9 bars

    Yes that's how it is in the lelits in this range. It shows temp in the boiler and it's up to the user to figure the brew temp.
  8. dncarreira

    9 bars

    @MediumRoastSteam I'm interested in understanding your suggested temps. I have a 57mm grace and have of set it to 102C to avoid intense sourness or acidity from some single origins. I also have to increase extraction times to 1min. Even so, acidity is too high. I figure there's a 5C drop from boiler to brew head...
  9. So few months afterwards. Got ims screen and ascaso basket and naked pf. The 4 craters on top of puck are very clearly marked. I do not think anymore pressure is a problem since using the steam wand to reduce it did not improve flavour for me. But will keep experimenting with that. I can't see channeling in the naked pf even when the craters are visible in the puck, so now I'm thinking they may in fact be harmless. To get some single origin to be drinkable I have to go to extremes in extraction times with very fine grind, reaching over 1 min, sometimes with ratios 2.5 or 3x
  10. Guys I just noticed your replies. Thanks for your help. Very glad to know the ims screens and ascaso baskets are compatible and I'm sure I'll be buying those. The opv still frightens me a bit... There are no videos I can find about this... But I'll look into it eventually...
  11. How did you do it? Any instructions? Noticed differences? Worth it?
  12. I own the smaller sister, the pl81t, Grace. So I was very interested in temp stability of lelit machines, and found this awesome post: http://lekawa.fr/stabilite-thermique-de-la-lelit-pl41/. Since the new vip machines are based off the same basics, it should apply. So I would say yes, you need a short recovery time. Even with the bigger 300ml boiler. Also, the new pid only shows target temp, and not the boiler temp fluctuations in real time like in the previous machines. I’ve seen people surprised and complaining. It does give less info on your temps but I feel it’s just the same thi
  13. So I own a new pl81t, aka grace, 57mm model. It's been 2 very difficult weeks trying to get anything good from it, but after some despair I'm now more hopefull this is a nice machine. It's difficult to get enough extraction since it channels like crazy. I've solved by using a paper filter on top of the coffee in the filter before brewing. I'm thinking this may be related to the shower screen and 12bar setting. The shower screen may be somewhat changed to perform with pods. Is this a possibility? If so are there any compatible screens? The opv seems too difficult to change s
  14. Bica60 that's really true, and makes me sad and frustrated I couldn't getting it working for me... but after a whole month of trying and failing I had to give up. If only I could have my enea to be as user friendly! Hate to keep tapping this beast to get 3g out of it or how the coffe just flyes out of it. The coffee is good though. Now I'm looking at 250€ alternatives...
  15. Yeah, I do look at time as a guide and I'm struggling to see how I can get a shot at any ratio without keeping time between some limits. But I get that it kind be just a loose guide. I will definitely try this approach. If I can keep my dtp it'll be worth it. If not, I'll learn a lot in the process. As soon as I get to it I'll post my findings. Can't wait really!
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