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  1. Another vote here for the Sage Duo Temp Pro as a good starter machine. Only thing is, it's quite noisy when it starts up and purges but this is only for a few seconds (depends how far away your kitchen is from your sleeping family). You can pick one up new currently for £250 although I have seen them cheaper before when on offer etc. Worth keeping an eye out for. As other people have said, have a search through the forum as there is lot of information from people who have been in your situation previously. Cheers.
  2. Swirl the milk in the jug right up until the point where you pour it. This will mix and combine the milk so it is all one consistency (or very close to).
  3. The Sage Smart Grinder Pro will be more than adequate for a beginner. Small, compact, easy to understand screen and does a decent job (for the price) at grinding. 3 year warranty is also a bonus! If, in the future, you decide you want to upgrade, it should be relatively easy to sell on (or just keep it for decaff...?).
  4. MC1

    DTP Owners Club

    Not 'equipment' as such but cloths to wipe the steam arm after use. Easily forgotten but always needed. I just use the blue washing up cloths as they are very cheap.
  5. Cheers for the replies, will have a look at the links supplied.
  6. Had my DTP for a year now with regular use and it has ran flawlessly. Can recommend. Time will tell what the situation will be like when something fails on it.
  7. Great place to find out all the info you need. Most topics will have been covered quite extensively - the search bar is your friend. Good luck!
  8. MC1

    Cat lovers

    Here is a picture of our two. Had them from the Cats Protection in August. Mother and Daughter with the mother being the fluffy one. No idea how we got them to pose like we did for this photo!
  9. MC1

    Perky Blinders

    Can confirm it's Perky Blenders. Such a clever play on words, would be even better if the roastery was in Small Heath! Good quality beans, first 'proper' beans I ever bought infact.
  10. As you stated, it varies with different beans and different roasts. Currently running a grind size of 10 for 15 seconds. It's usually a lower grind number for longer though (around 7 for 16ish seconds), quite rare that I have the grind size this high.
  11. Thanks for the replies, will have a look into Craft House. I probably shouldn't have kept switching between 'biodegradable' and 'recyclable' in the question. Biodegradable would be best as, like @ashcroc said, council may be awkward. Biodegradable packaging can just be chucked onto the compost heap along with the old coffee grounds.
  12. Just received the newsletter email from Rave saying that they are switching to biodegradable coffee packaging come March. Does anyone know of other companies that use this type of bag? I would rather give my money to companies that are investing in recyclables rather than one-use disposable bags. I usually buy green unroasted beans but occasionally buy roasted. Cheers.
  13. I have the Sage setup you are looking at and would recommend it, especially being new to proper espresso. When you get enough posts under your belt, keep an eye out at the 'For Sale' section in this forum as you can pick up a bargain and know that it would have been looked after.
  14. I second what John said about Sage - had my Sage DTP as my first personal machine for a year now with zero problems. Also bought a Sage SGP 2nd hand from this forum and that has been fault free too. Whatever you buy, a bit of TLC and care goes a long way.
  15. Hi mate, I would definitely recommend this setup from personal experience. I know there are mixed reviews on this forum about Sage/Breville but so far both machines have ran flawlessly even with the grinder being second hand. Coffee machine is quick to heat up due to it's thermocoil rather than a proper boiler which I find useful and you only have to wait a few seconds after finishing steaming before you can pull a shot which again, is useful. There are a couple of 'bad' points I suppose but to me they are minimal and are more of a slight hindrance than a reason to not buy the machine: - Steam arm is slow in comparison to other machines which means it takes a while to steam your milk. However, when learning like I assume you will be, this will help as the process will be nice and steady allowing you to gauge the milk and adjust your steaming process etc. The only time I find it annoyingly slow is when I am steaming a big jug at once for multiple drinks. However, this is not what the machine is ideally designed to do so I can't call it a major flaw. - The water tank is small. The normal water use along with the water used for the purging of the machine means the water tank can only hold maybe 5/6 drinks worth of water at a time max. It takes no time to fill but it's just remembering to fill it as there is no warning light etc. The machine will just run itself dry which is obviously not good for the components inside. Luckily, I haven't ran it dry but I can see how it will be easy to forget especially when making multiple drinks at once. This brings me on to the last point: - The drip tray is tiny. You will be emptying the drip tray way before refilling the tank. The 'drip tray full' float only pops up when the drip tray is basically overflowing so just remember to empty the drip tray after every 2-3 drinks and you won't have water all over the counter (as I have had multiple times!!). In terms of the grinder, I have had no problems and find it easy to adjust. The screen also helps a lot when setting up. I find that I have a base setting which gives a relatively good shot and I can then adjust this depending on the bean. All in all, you can't go wrong especially when starting up as they aren't too expensive when buying new. There are always DTP's and SGP's popping up on the 'For Sale' section on this forum which would have been a lot better looked after than if you were to buy from eBay etc. Hope this clears a few things up for you
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