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  1. If anyone should ever have the same question, the answer from BB was it's fine to use without those missing parts
  2. Thank you both for your replies. Nick, thank you for your kind offer. I am in London though so it's a bit too far away unfortunately
  3. Hi, I just purchased a Lelit Bianca yesterday from Bella Barista and today when setting it up I realised a piece supposed to be in the water tank is missing (in the manual it's referred to as "the white rubber support from the tank"), and also the water softener filter. I found a picture online which shows the piece I dont have - it's the tube attached to a rubber thing, and this is where the water filter is also supposed to be attached: https://www.1st-line.com/technical-support/lelit-technical-support-page/no-water-warning-on-lcc-display-lelit-bianca/ So I got two
  4. Tobby


    No, my kitchen is too tiny
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