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  1. It is the Portafilter Dosing Cup by ACAIA. A friend of mine did his best concerning the lid.
  2. My new configuration based on allerim p.25 ideas.
  3. I will follow your suggestion MWJB and soon describe my findings...
  4. Jeebsy I followed the video and calibrated my EK43S. The result was much better. Starting with 21.5 gr I extracted 30 gr in 42 sec at 8.5 bars. Trying to increase the output to 2x result in loosing sweetness, exactly the opposite of what Mrboots2u suggested. Things are strange sometimes and coffee is not an exception...
  5. I am wondering if there is a way to further adjust the factory preset "coffee burrs" of my almost new EK43S (4kg coffee since June), to get a finer grinding. The reason is that I have to use more coffee, usually between 21.5 and 23 gr in my Strada 17 basket to collect 30 gr in 27 sec, with 8.0 to 9.0 bars after a 3.0 bar pressure 4 sec line preinfusion. With my previous K30 I could get EVEN FINER grinding if I liked to increase brewing time...
  6. For single dosing this "small hopper" although being heavy, looks reliable and its aesthetically accepted. But is it really necessary for use in home? Any comment from a user will be appreciated. Personally I like very much till now, the wood cover that Arrelim is using and his PF funnel in case it can't be avoided (see p.25). But comparing the importance for using a hopper or the right coffee collector the latter in my opinion is more necessary for the home user. First it should be metallic to avoid static and spraying water. Also, it must have certain dimensions in order to have enough space (90-100ml) to "keep inside" the grinded coffee, and with an ideal top diameter that fits into the portafilter without using a Decent Espresso Funnel or other similar products. Finally we must make our life easier...
  7. A) Sharkroman this is a very interesting hopper but still needs a cap in order to be in the safe side. B) Does your coffee collector fit exactly (+-1mm) in your portafilter, so you can transfer your grinded coffee by just turning it upside down?
  8. A video in which you first spray with water and then you grind straight into the portafilter would be highly appreciated !!! But I must admit that I am not enthusiastic with the idea of spraying. Can you avoid this step with no side effects?
  9. But how gentle can you use the bag holder handle (bhh) and be sure that there is no grinded coffee stacked in the machine? I tried myself your routine some weeks ago, using a metallic PF funnel one-two times to grind straight in the PF, but when I used the handle to "empty" the grinder, coffee went all-around the place. So far I am looking for a Stainless Steel collector, ideally with a top diameter of 5.7 cm and 100 cm3 volume. By this way I will put away the PF funnel.
  10. Excellent wood art and beautiful photos. Really amazing accessories. But I have one suggestion. Perhaps you could avoid using your fantastic PF funnel, thus shortening preparation time and number of steps, by choosing a stainless steel coffee collector with the right diameter and volume.
  11. I think Mahlkonig or somebody else could solve the problem very easy providing as accessories a cap for covering the entrance and a stainless steel receiver. This receiver could be available in different diameters depending on the diameter of the baskets...
  12. I agree with you concerning the aesthetics. For the top of the EK43 only a nice cover is needed, that would fit perfectly in the entrance and remain stable, thus protecting all the input area. But for the grinded coffee receiver things are more complicated. A cheap but effective solution that could avoid water spraying is a stainless steel cylinder receiver with appropriate dimensions. It should be approximately 100 ml and with a max diameter of 58 mm and a min of 48 mm for baskets of this size. The 100 ml capability cup I propose avoid the spreading of the coffee out of the cup when grinding. I used one with a 70 ml max water capability and it wasn't perfect, so this is the reason I suggest 100ml...
  13. Anyway this is my current configuration. On the top of the aeropress sits the paper filter holder that simulates the lid of a hopper. By this way the EK43 expensive burrs are protected...
  14. From my side, I am wondering if the lid of the portafilter has a critical role in grinding, since when opened the whole coffee mass falls immediately into the grinder. Is in this way the powder particle size distribution different compared to the size distribution that is obtained when coffee beans are added through the grinder opening???
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