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  1. Hi guys, Recently when repairing my Ascaso Dream Up DR-19 (thermoblock) I had to unplug all the cabling inside and stupidly didn’t take a photo of how it was before, I’m wondering if any hero out there has a copy of a wiring diagram or would be able to take a quick photo of the inside of their machine? I know it’s not a very popular machine in the UK so I’m not holding out much hope but if anyone could offer any help or advice I’d be forever grateful. Thanks
  2. Might be worth investing in a cheap distribution tool to eliminate one variable, if your PF is 58mm you can find some cheap ones on eBay
  3. Monmouth have a delicious Yirgacheffe on offer sometimes, I highly recommend it if you’re in London or have a local cafe that stock them
  4. Amazing, thanks for the help guys! I’ll definitely get one ordered, it’s a shame about the pouring issue :/
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the metal thermal carafes hario make for the v60? I’d love to buy one so I can brew larger batches but want to know how long they can keep the coffee good for?Thanks!
  6. I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal! I ordered my Barista Express from xsitems and was impressed with the condition of the item, it looked basically brand new! The only downside was that it didn't come with the tools drawer that sits behind the drip tray but not such a big deal since it was £250
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