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  1. I know It’s a bit late for this advice but the absolute minimum acceptable resistance reading between the element and earth or anything else is 2Mohms tested at twice the working voltage for single phase systems and to be honest anything close to 2Mohms probably warrants further inspection. In my experience testing appliances and fixed wiring a good reading is usually in the 100’s of Mohms and anything in the low doubles always raises and eyebrow. not much help to you now but it might help people stumbling across this thread in the future.
  2. I'm on this at the minute and struggle to pick out Nutella but I get big maple syrup and raisin notes.
  3. Pineapple candy is pretty good. I'm half way through a bag at the minute.
  4. Don't go for a mignon if you plan on changing grind size regularly, its a PITA. I've got one and its brilliant if you stick to the same brew method but its a nightmare to count the revolutions of the adjustment wheel when changing grind size.
  5. Can you explain the long steep method please, I'm an aeropress user and fancy giving it a go.
  6. They look interesting. I'll give them a go next but I'm still looking for more ideas for the future if anyone can help?
  7. Hi all, I'm currently enjoying drinking a multi-trail pack from django coffee made up of 4x100gr single origins with an aeropress while at work. It's nice to be able to fly through different coffees rather than go buying a kilo at a time for use at home on my sage DB where I can use the best part of 250gr dialling in. Long story ore short does anyone know of another roaster that sells multiple small quantity packs?
  8. Live had a similar experience. I've had a flat white made by a master barista and it was pretty good. I've also has a latte from the motorway service and I thought I was going to throw up.
  9. Taken from the description on the website- "SAFETY TIP FOR ANY EXTENSION LEAD If you purchase this lead or any extension lead; we strongly advise never to use any high powered item such as heaters, kettle, iron, hair dryers etc. Any extension lead, not just ours will give approx. 3000W in total; if a heater is 3000W and it takes 1 socket, then you can't use the other 4; it doesn't matter how many sockets there are left. " You look to be very close to the limit running the ECM and Niche at the same time, I'd look at alternative means for the power if I was you.
  10. I meant hang on a minute for questioning me backing out. I agree, min is next in line as Roms offer was below asking.
  11. Hang on a minute gents I think I’m allowed to change my mind if I haven’t heard anything back in a couple of days. Rom, up your offer to asking rice and you might have stood a chance.
  12. Yep, I've tried pm but couldn't get through.
  13. Offer withdrawn due to lack of contact.
  14. I'll take this at asking as long as the burrs are properly aligned? I may be able to pick them up if you're anywhere near Media City during the week?
  15. I've always had the roasted date on all CC beans I've had in the past.
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