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  1. I bought a set of those last year. No idea where he got them from but they seem legit.
  2. Ah! I get you. Brilliant. Many thanks. It was my operation of the site that was the problem!
  3. I might be interested to see what grinders are available used without a budget in mind. Ixnay on the condescensionay there Chet.
  4. Hi. Just a thought. Would it be helpful if there was a way of viewing all for sale and all wanted ads in one thread in addition to the sub-categories? It’s hard to peruse listings unless you specifically know what you’re looking for and know what you want to spend. I suspect also that many ads are being missed as there are so many categories. Are there so many ads that this much categorisation is required? sorry if there’s a way of already viewing all ads in one place! keep up the good work!
  5. one foot and plastic tray missing. Too big for my kitchen but looks like a good deal. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1771782149660565/
  6. OK. I think I love you guys. Did the test that @El carajillosuggested and found that the brew lever wasn’t shifting the lower valve. Then I did what @DavecUKsuggested by loosening the wee pin on part D. Completely fixed it. Blind basket completely emptied and a positively explosive backflush exhaust. I’ve been trying to fix this for months. I feel like I want to group cuddle you guys but you know…. Social distancing. big love. Max PS does anyone want to buy a perfectly functioning set of internals from an Isomac E61? 😂
  7. Cool. I might try the 9 bar spring next. It’s a shame as I’ve been getting great results with the 6.5 bar spring. Thanks.
  8. Yes. Still pressurised after a shot. I get a spray of water and grinds when I remove the portafilter.
  9. When I try to backflush with a blind filter, nothing happens unless I force the brew lever downwards. And even then I’m only seeing a trickle. It used to be a rush! the mod is a standard Shades of Coffee OPV spring mod. The Zaffiro has the same OPV as the Gaggia Classic so I swapped the internal spring out to reduce the pressure from the stock 12 bar to 6.5 bar.
  10. Thanks for these replies folks. I’ll disassemble and check sizes against originals. I’ll maybe try unscrewing the parts that @DavecUK mentioned and see what happens too. I’ve got a feeling I didn’t need the £50 overhaul kit!
  11. So my Isomac Zaffiro E61 group has been having problems for some time. Backfushing weakly only when extra force is applied downwards to the brew switch and loads of pressure in the portafilter basket causing spraying after a shot is pulled. I initially tried a strip down, replacement of seals and a lube to no avail so I just did a full overhaul including replacement of the internal brass parts and the cam. It’s only marginally better now. I did install a Mr Shades 6.5 bar spring mod but the problem started some time after doing that. Has anyone got any further suggestions or failing that know of a good value espresso machine mechanic local to High Wycombe that I might end up going to? tearing what little hair I have left out here but thankfully the machine still makes great coffee!
  12. Ok. So totally dismantled the thing and put it back together. It’s now backflushing again but very weakly. I’ve noticed if I push down on the brew lever, it’s allowing water to escape more quickly after a backflush. Would this mean something is worn? The group is still under loads of pressure when I remove the portafilter.
  13. Yes. I was searching the exploded diagram looking for a solenoid! Completely mechanical! thanks for your link. I’ll give it another go!
  14. Hi folks. My Isomac Zaffiro has had a really weak backflush of late so I tried stripping down and cleaning the E61 group. I just reassembled everything and now it’s not backflushing at all! Also the pressure remains at the group after pulling a shot so I’m sprayed with water and grinds when I try to remove the portafilter. someone has suggested it might be a faulty solenoid valve. It’s an expensive punt. Anyone got any ideas how I can troubleshoot this please? Or is it possible to test the solenoid somehow? I did swap out the OPV spring for a 6 .5 bar one recently but it’s been backflushing fine after doing that. I suspect that isn’t the problem. Thanks for any help!
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