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  1. It’s knocking on 25kgs so it’s mildly portable!
  2. Continuing with the off topic Ascaso grinder retention. I’ve found the problem and it’s so stupid. There’s basically a completely flat platform about 20mm deep before the chute begins. Without cutting the metal, I can’t see any way of modding the grinder. The Ascaso designers should be ashamed of themselves! In their defence, they got the grinding part right though!
  3. This is now going to be my method of making coffee at work. Several months in the making. Just finished it!
  4. Hurrah! Drip tray/scales is now watertight. For anyone interested I increased the infill to 40% and the shells to 4 on the 3D print. I reckon the draft quality print just had plain old holes in it. I also cut a wee silicone mat to fit the top of the Gaggia to stop it getting scratched. The top of the Gaggia is a cr*p cup heater anyhoo. I just use a shot of hot water.
  5. If I get round to modding it, I’ll post it all here.
  6. I think it’s really as simple as the exit chute from the burrs just isn’t steep enough plus there’s a lot of redundant space between the burrs and chute that just asks to acquire grounds. It’s a real shame as of the few grinders I’ve owned, it’s actually a surprisingly good grind given the burr size. Better than a Rocky by far. Not a million miles away from a Zenith!
  7. I bought the Ascaso primarily for its footprint and weight. I reckon if I come across a Eureka Mignon cheap enough I might swap it out.
  8. Good move with the bottle brush. Think I’ve got one lurking in a cupboard somewhere. I’ve finished the bulk of the build so I’ll just be tweaking stuff from here on in. I reckon I’ll dismantle the Ascaso and see if anything can be done to improve the retention. I’ll post any updates here and my 3D designs for print generally are uploaded for free download from Thingyverse.
  9. Wonder if it’d benefit from a lens hood mod so I can puffer out the grinds. Could see that getting even messier though!
  10. I think I’ll try a few coats of black acrylic car spray on the 3D printed drip tray. See if that sorts out the waterproofing. Failing that maybe I need to reprint adjusting the shells and infill.
  11. Ok. I tell a lie. 17.3g. More actually fell out before I swept this out though. Pretty bad retention though right?
  12. Ok. Test #2 Grinder: Actually really impressed with the grind so I think I’ll stick with the noise and retention. Combined scales and drip tray: Boooo! It leaks. Doesn’t seem to be between the joining parts. Water literally seems to be seeping through the printed PLA! Back to the drawing board on that one. Design seems solid though. Gaggia: Totally happy. Works just like my Silvia with the added bonus of a quicker warm up. The Silvia steam wand upgrade is ace. Managed to make something approximating microfoam. Just need to practice more with it. Very different feeling to the current steam wand on the Silvia (which I think has three nozzles?). So considering I was using Lavazza beans to test with, I’d say this set up potentially could make coffee 80-90% as good as. My home set up! Back to work on the drip tray. Image shows first drinkable coffee made with it and some diabolical latte art.
  13. Never tried that. Thanks. Might give it a go. Although I don’t think static is holding 30g of coffee in the chute. Dreadful design is!
  14. Yup. Insane retention! I went to put the machine away and another 15g fell out. I’m either going to have to seriously modify it or replace it with a different grinder. Plus it kind of sprays the grinds out rather than funnels them downward. Quite a monumental design flaw! I’ll look into fixing it. Used a double basket. 20g came to just below the inner fill line so should have been plenty room. The puck had a wee puddle on top of it too which makes me think the OPV isn’t doing it’s sooking like it should! I’ll try backflushing it a few times. Maybe it just all needs run in a bit more. I might do the foam thing as you say but if I might end up replacing the grinder, I might not need to!
  15. Test #1! Messy and noisy! Grinder: So the Ascaso grinder does actually create a pretty good grind. Not too clumpy. Pretty consistent. Unfortunately it is unbelievably noisy! Like at least twice the noise of my Zenith. I’m guessing because the tiny burrs are spinning super fast. Problem 2: it has unacceptable retention. Literally over a 20g shot worth of retention. (See some of it in the grounds tray). Integrated scales/drip tray: Surprisingly good. Did everything it needed to do. There was a suspiciously small amount of discharge from the OPV which makes me think something is either blocked or broken. Still it didn’t overfill the reduced capacity tray. The tray was watertight! The Gaggia: Worked like a dream. Pulled a 20g shot to 40g in 32 seconds first time. Although there was a small amount of leakage from the new head gasket I put in. Probably just needs seated with a bit of use.
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