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  1. It has a cappuccino button and you can preset how much milk and that but just trying to work out how to get a double shot in without all the faffing about. Went to a bean to cup for ease of use and so far it’s no easy lol. Sure it’ll get better once I get my head round it.
  2. Anyone know how I set this up to make a cappuccino but with double shot of espresso in it? Just got it today and trying to get my head round it.
  3. 2004 by looks of things. Is that a good thing?
  4. Selling my gaggia classic and eureka mignon grinder. Bought the classic a few years ago from an old couple who said they only used it a couple of times since they bought it new so was in new condition. The grinder I bought from someone on this forum, not sure of age. Both in excellent working order and used once a day without missing a beat. I changed the steam wand as recommended on here and last time I took it off to clean it when I put it back on I noticed a slight drop coming from it sometimes that wasn’t there before, not sure what caused it. I also have the original steam wand. I live
  5. Not sure of ages as both bought second hand but has been used once a day since I bought it. I’m in Scotland so have good water but my water is also filtered at tap where it is filled from. Everything in pic will come with it.
  6. Is that for machine or grinder? Due to lack of info I’ll have to say no.
  7. Looking to sell my set up and move to bean to cup. The gaggia I bought a couple of years ago from and old couple who said they used it a couple of times then left it in a cupboard and the grinder I bought from a member on here. I’ve used both every day and they haven’t missed a beat. Only upgrade is changed the steam wand but think that’s what everyone does, the steam wand does leak a little water now and again when using. Grinder is in black, what should I advertise for please?
  8. So how would you make say 4 lattes in a row, what process would you use?
  9. Notices the steam on my gaggia classic drop very significantly after steaming two small jugs of milk. I’d say I’m making three cups during the third one there is practically nothing coming out, if I knock the machine gently it starts up again then stops. Used to be able to make 4/5 cups of coffee at a time but can’t now. Any ideas what’s up?
  10. This might sound daft but I was having problems with my gaggia, first shot always fine second one hardly anything would come out. I found that because I was washing the portafilter after the first shot when the next grind went in it must have mixed with any left over water from the washing and caused it too block because when I cleaned it then dried with kitchen roll the second shot came out perfect. Still new to this and don’t know what proper procedure is with you professionals but I know don’t wash the port filter between shots and everything’s fine.
  11. Had a terrible time trying to pass this one, no idea what I’m doing wrong.
  12. Just got this through, looking forward to trying them.
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