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  1. So how would you make say 4 lattes in a row, what process would you use?
  2. Notices the steam on my gaggia classic drop very significantly after steaming two small jugs of milk. I’d say I’m making three cups during the third one there is practically nothing coming out, if I knock the machine gently it starts up again then stops. Used to be able to make 4/5 cups of coffee at a time but can’t now. Any ideas what’s up?
  3. This might sound daft but I was having problems with my gaggia, first shot always fine second one hardly anything would come out. I found that because I was washing the portafilter after the first shot when the next grind went in it must have mixed with any left over water from the washing and caused it too block because when I cleaned it then dried with kitchen roll the second shot came out perfect. Still new to this and don’t know what proper procedure is with you professionals but I know don’t wash the port filter between shots and everything’s fine.
  4. Had a terrible time trying to pass this one, no idea what I’m doing wrong.
  5. Just got this through, looking forward to trying them.
  6. How come I don’t get a notification when someone quotes my post? Every other forum I’m on always let’s you know.
  7. Any good videos of steaming done right?
  8. Thinking of getting one of these, does it make a big difference?
  9. Wife is going to ****ing mental when sees the new addition to our kitchen.
  10. Money sent mate through PayPal, let me know when you get it
  11. im just a beginner mate, it’s tap water for me.
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