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  1. No espresso beans for espresso having one now I will do, I have been doing v60 a year or so but only started using a known method recently - the 40-60, no the video isn't the 40 60 method. I will just film it all with the camera on my head and put it on youtube. Might take a while to do though. I don't know why I said I am out of decaffe beans. I have decaffe but out of caffeinated, so I might do a decaffe to show you, they are a few months old by now though so you wont see much c02.
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I started chasing the time too much and ended up too coarse. @catpuccino I have been finding the resulting coffee tastes like muddy water and not getting any of the fruitiness from the beans. I have been going finer and trying to experiment for taste and still in the process. Unfortunately I am out of decaffeinated beans and using espresso beans up until next batch. @MWJB Going down to 10' lead me to 6 minutes brew time and didn't taste much of the fruitiness, 25' was 4:53 and more fruitiness then 10', I think taste wise its going to be between 30' and 40' but just a hunch. Wow that is lower than I thought. What brew times do you get and what papers + how much coffee? Maybe I will try that just to see how long it takes and taste.
  3. I would like to gather peoples experience and settings, timings etc using the Niche 0 for V60. I put a second marker on my niche, 180° from the original marker. I record these numbers as n' as oppose to n for the original marker. Example: I typically grind around 40' (move original to 40 and rotate another 180°). Recently I have had to grind much coarser to get the same time for the 40-60 method aiming for 3:30, however the coffee doesn't taste so good. I want to know what grind settings you all use. Specifically here for V60, if you experience similar slow downs. I talked with @MWJB in another thread who said "The bed usually compacts/gels up as the brew progresses, so flow normally slows down. Unless the brew is bonkers long, focus on the grind setting vs taste (brew time will drift normally)." I want to try a few different settings, but would be interested and think it would be useful to have this information. What time would you consider bonkers, plus do you ever adjust grind when brew time gets longer? It will also help to say what filter papers you use. The ones made in Holland lead to much slower brew times than those from japan. I use brown ones from the second factory in japan (2). Definitely not under the illusion that we will all have the same settings, there will be variability in how we calibrate and the build of the niche and taste. But would love to get an idea of where everyone is. Let us know: Brew Method Amount of coffee and water Timings (just total brew time if you want) Grind Setting Paper Anything else, e.g. do you find it slows over time and do you adjust to compensate.
  4. I am also needing to go very coarse for drip. currently for 40-60 in 2 cup v60 using 20g-300ml one full rotation from 20 took 3:39 This is using the brown hario filters made in the new factory in japan. I find the first 180-200ml goes through quick, looks like it is too quick but then it clogs and slows down. Any help pointers would be appreciated. After cleaning I can get away with finer grinds. For example I used to use it at 40' (a marker 180 degrees from the original marker is at the 40 point). Also noticed the hario filters made in Holland are much slower, clog up straight away and take a minute or more longer in total for the same grind.
  5. Hey all, thought I would share my video making a pour over with the Niche. Tried to share straight away but got locked out of account
  6. Actually I just realised it may be a latte. Anyway, here is me making one, using the niche and gaggia classic. I havent made one in months so this went well. Have just got through all my filter stuff (developing a fruity taste) and now need to go through my espresso coffee... Hope you enjoy the vid. feel free to critique, especially the milk bit I am pretty terrible at that, this might be my best latte art. Also let me know if you want more videos of niche. [video=youtube_share;f0JmVfIssik]
  7. Yeah when I do that it overflows and gets coffee all over. I was thinking of cutting a hole into the lid, so I could just rotate the jug to turn off and on the flow. Would be better than putting jug back in as it just gets everywhere for me. Niche is amazing, you can just switch between espresso and filter. But yeah expensive, I like to just get what I will eventually want rather than doing too many upgrades and spending 3x as much, and niche is very good price for quality afaik. so next step up would be >£1200 and I probably will never spend that money. It is a completely different world to rocky, whereas another upgrade would probably be marginal gains.
  8. @johnealey didn't take me long to upgrade. Glad I got into coffee making just in time for the first niche zero batch
  9. Good, I like it for large batches. Since getting niche zero had no problems with the overflowing. That must have been due to small fines from the rocky grinder. Wish I had bought metal carafe version, now I use proper coffee can tell if it has been on hotplate. Wish I had got a version that lets you steep for a while. If I do it on mine it makes a mess. I like it though. Typical do 30 or 45g with 500 or 750ml water. Put some straight into mug and rest in a thermos.
  10. I have one of the new Aergrinds with the metal lid made in the UK. Never tried one before but comparing to the Niche, there are more fines (but not many) apparent in the moccamaster, but then with the niche I'm not seeing any fines/sludge on top of the coffee bed, with the aergrind there's a small patch to one side. But very early days. Extremely fast grinding. Can't see movement on the burrs but it is hard to tell. Using 2.9 on the moccamaster and tastes good. I expect a bit of seasoning will help with the fines. I tried at first at 1.6 or 1.8 and it looked like an extremely good espresso grind. Didn't test it for espresso yet however. One thing I haven't seen mentioned on this thread, so may be new, there's a lot of wiggle on the handle when it comes to taking a reading, the wiggle isn't moving the shaft (its not changing the setting) but makes it hard to get a reading. For example it will freely move between 2 of the dots (66% of a number). To do it consistently I let gravity take it to the lowest value, this makes sense as it gets me closer to 0 when I have it fully closed. It is due to the D shaped hole not exactly matching the shaft. And its not actually a problem for me, I just wondered if its new on the new model? I have no drift in the actual setting, it was very stiff to change settings and has become slightly easier to change settings after a few winds and unwinds. But There's no drift however which is the main thing. I can grind extremely fast, 30g in less than 1 min. Compared to the hario I had which took 6 or more minutes. Its also more comfortable than the hario, the grind quality is incomparable, the hario is very bad. The hario did get me good at hand grinding speed though which is the one positive. Anyone have any settings to share for their moccamaster? Any questions about the new model I might be able to answer let me know.
  11. Ive already mentioned this. But I put a second marker on the calibration ring (the black ring) you can put this at 180 degrees to the original marker by: Put the original white dot to the central lid hinge screw on the back Place your secondary marker on the black ring at 25 on the niche I then read the secondary values as X' as apposed to X for the original. I use 15-22 for espresso and 25' 32' for filter/drip. I checked and the calibration mark is 180 degrees from 15, so you could also use those two to get a 180 degree reference. I used a tiny piece of bluetack for my secondary marker. Make sure it doesnt contact the lid at the narrowest point (the 25 point). It would be useful to all use similar methods, and then I know what to do to repeat your values.
  12. I also get low crema, but did on the rocky too. I wonder if it is my Gaggia. Since using the Niche I am getting very high clarity shots. I also use it with the moccamaster. For that I am using my secondary marker technique (attach new marker at 25 when the first marker is pointing at middle hinge screw giving 180 degree marker to original). If I use the secondary markers I just call them prime and mark them using N' eg 20' for my notes vs 20 for the original. For the moccamaster I am using about 25'-32'. The taste is much more delicate than the rocky, there is no bitterness our sourness, I can actually taste the water underneith. I see what you all meant before when you talk about the flavour punching through milk as I think adding milk would cover much of the taste. Looking forwards to trying it on more fresh beans as currently using up old beans. I will also enjoy a wider variety as I can easily taste the differences now. For spro my settings vary from 16 for 20 day old Rave cave de sol honey. Up to 22 for 15 day old Swiss water decaffe. I am not getting the uggins of crema that I see on other peoples videos. I also still learning to use the cup. I believe the difficulty is in filling the rim left around the grinds after you remove the cup from the PF. My theory is the gap is still there you just cover the top of it. I think tapping around the sides does fill it eventually, but you have to keep going even when it looks like its gone. I don't have a levelling tool so might get one to help out a bit. With all that said its so easy to use, I had to stick to spro or filter using the rocky as I don't like messing with the machine, with the niche I just dial to filter and back (momentarily turning the machine on every 5-10 marks on the way back to spro). Even the bad shots taste good compared to rocky. When I dial back I either tap the outlet tube to remove about 0.1 or less of the coarser grinds/skin. Or send 3 or so beans through. If I am going from spro to spro or spro to coarse I don't bother.
  13. I love everything about this machine. Still getting used to the cup, inverting and trying to get no small spray from the gaggia classic. That is currently my learning curve. Already getting much nicer shots, with much more taste clarity and less bitter/muddy/acid than my rocky. I love the switch, its a lovely switch. Love the weight and build quality. Love the noise. Love the wood. Love the coffee grinds it makes. Love the Dial I have been trying to think of a more repeatable way of calibrating but even then I guess there is no guarentee that machines will be comparable at the same setting. Would be interesting to find out though I am sure there must be a repeatable way of calibrating. In the meantime I thought of a way of putting a second marker on the black ring in a consistent repeatable way. This is so that when you go to coarser grind for filter etc you can read off the dial on the other side. My method is this: Turn funnel (or black ring if uncalibrated) so that the white indicator is at the middle screw of the lid hinge. Get a tiny piece of bluetack, or whatever, and place it on the black ring at the 25 indicator... Done! Now when you turn past 50 on the white you can use the secondary marker, and people can put the secondary marker in the same place as everyone else. Also you don't need to move the second marker anymore, just calibrate as usual. Do a test with the new marker at 25, this is where the marker will come closest to the lid, make sure it doesn't get touched by the lid, you don't want the marker somehow falling into the grinder. I don't think anyone will agree on what constitutes fingertight unfortunately. Even if you could reproduce torque exactly the alignment could be different depending on what is on the threads, coffee grease, dust, moisture etc. I think there must be a way of doing calibration repeatable but I haven't tried or looked yet. I am on 21+ (just over 21 but not 21.5) using rave swiss water decaffe at moment. Drank a lot of decaffe today!!!! That is using gaggia classic 18:36 in 29s
  14. Excitement, was thinking I had slipped through the cracks but got email at 4:10 saying it will arrive tomorrow. Also contribution set to fulfilled. Looking forwards to this, I have only used the rocky grinder so should be massive upgrade. Look forwards to getting the most out of my gaggia classic. Was considering sending it to a pick up location. In my experience they tend to target those first. To balance it out within 10 minutes I got an email informing me I didn't get into the London marathon. Although that's not unexpected
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