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  1. ok will do it as you wrote it, thanks again guys, gonna update this after i sell my old and get the new grinder
  2. ok gonna get the Niche grinder after i sell my SJ, but i decided to get also a second one for the V60, dont like the idea to switch settings back and forth, the wilfa didnt pass the wife-acceptance factor maybe i get by with a small hand grinder or something
  3. yep found some info about the 270wi and people that havent been happy with it guess its settled then and ill go with the Niche then, just need to sell my super jolly
  4. how does it handle bigger doses like 80g for a coldbrew? guess i would have to fill it multiple times right? is it still fine? and how precise is the adjustement? was looking on something like baratza sette 270wi where you can microadjust the hell out of it so its still a shock for me i know i have many stupid questions
  5. hmm at first i was like the hell is this toy, compared to most huge grinders i was looking at for the whole day daveC review was awesome informative, i thing at some points i wasnt breathing , really like it and my future wife likes the design which is a huge factor if you guys know what i mean indiegogo is the only way how to order it? never heard about that site is it safe? and is this the only option in my price range? or nothing can be compared to this little awesomeness?
  6. hi folks, im looking to get 2 new grinders one for espresso-on a quickmill rapida machine and one for pour over on my wife's hario V60 currently im using a Mazzer super jolly (the doserless grocery version) and switching grind settings back to back, which is annoying and not really smart gonna sell the mazzer cause i never liked it and had issues with grind size and inconsistency i dont really know what is better and what is an huge upgrade from this grinder im currently using my budget is something between 500-800-ish for both grinders, the grinder for the V60 can be handgrinder if its worth it anyone here willing to help me and ready for really stupid questions?
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