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  1. Thats great. Consider 1 sold. Should we discuss details on PM?
  2. Hey, do you still have any left of these adjustments rods? If so I would like to buy one.
  3. I’m not totally sure how the selling and buying rules are on this forum but do I not get a chance to discuss with the seller before someone else does? Me being the first to express interest in the item and all?
  4. Thanks mr shades. Can’t wait to get started [emoji2]
  5. Great work! Maybe now I'll find the courage to take a part my Classic for a good clean :-)
  6. Found this site on the internet looking for mods for my "new" Gaggia Classic (2005)
  7. That's fine! I wasn't really looking forward to grind 30g of espresso by hand :-) I'll try both and see how they perform. Thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks Stanic, I actually bought the Handground hand coffee grinder on Kickstarter a few years back but have not used it much. Maybe it will do the trick?
  9. I have a Wilfa Black, which has worked fine for pour over etc, however not sure how it will work for espresso? I have been looking at the Sage 820 as a possible replacement if the Wilfa will not due. Any recommendations for a grinder in the Sage price range?
  10. Good day Guys, Just got my hands on and older Classic Gaggia (2005) model and thought I would jump into the world of espresso and hopefully be able to pull a nice shot with some practice. All tips and tricks with regards to espresso making and doing so with the Gaggia would be appreciated. I love coffee and have been using a V60, Clever coffee dripper and my Aeropress for years.
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