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  1. I have seen few introduction videos of the Pro and it really disappointed me, unfortunately. I'm a big fan of Silvia, I have had mine for the past six and half years and it is very solid machine, but in my opinion the Pro is just overpriced for what it offers.
  2. L2en

    Mara X

    Yeah, I'm not that gentle🙂 Will have to try. But with the arrival of Niche I use only the 18g ridged VST now, so not a problem anymore😄 The coffee somehow tastes better than it did with the old grinder from this bigger basket.
  3. It is here, put about half a kilo of lavazza through it, then I tried espresso with Red Brick, way to fast on the mark 19, but so so much better than I’ve ever managed with this bean before, beautiful crema and much more tasty than with the old grinder. Lots of experimenting for the next few days. Photo doesn't work, I have to figure that out yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mine is 37 stops away, hopefully DPD doesn't lie🙂 I have had an evening delivery from DPD before, they dispatched at about 3pm, very strange, but it happens.
  5. Yes, exactly, with the big, expensive things it pays off to be more cautious. I found one german shop that has Elizabeth for very similar price to lamachinadelcaffe, just have to figure out shipping. It is very close to my past and future hometown in CZ, so if something happened it would be easier to deal with (covid permitting). But lamachinadelcaffee has very good reviews amongst La Pavoni owners, so hopefully it is safe bet (Brexit permitting).
  6. I have used them with no problems few years ago, but that is just one experience.
  7. My email has just arrived. Very excited😀
  8. That is the exact same day I placed my order, fingers crossed it will come soon.
  9. Ahhh, lucky you! What was the date of your order? I didn't recieve any email yet, getting really impatient😁
  10. well, I have ordered the Red Brick for the second time few weeks ago, drinking it just now and I have to say I'm dissapointed. The first time wasn't great but it was few years ago, so I gave it a try again. It could be my grinder, waiting very impatiently for the Niche, it could be my taste buds just not agreeing. I think I will try again with my new setup, but for now it just doesn't work. Not as espresso, not in milk, americano just about, but nothing I would want to drink by choice.
  11. L2en

    Fast Coffee

    Coffeebeanshop. Very very fast, next day morning delivery. I've ordered from them for the first time on Friday, coffee arrived by the Saturday morning. A mistake was made with one bag of coffee, different coffee than I've ordered, the right bag was send out on Monday, arrived Tuesday. I have not tasted the coffee yet, so I can't comment on quality, however all the service associated with delivery is fast indeed.
  12. Well, I have the same morning situation and I do weigh my coffee during grinding to get the 18g in. I think it will be a lot easier with Niche. Mine is coming in December, cannot wait! Otherwise I'm aming for the same combo as you, even if now I'm thinking of Profitec 600 as I had a nice financial pre-Christmas present. On the other hand, I do have Nespresso for when my Mum visits, she really doesn't want to make coffee herself. Change from the B2C, that is going for sale.
  13. My first machine was Silvia (still is, actually, just about to upgrade), 10 years old, reliable, no modifications, temp surfing for one person is not a problem, but for two it is more problematic. From your choice I would opt for MaraX, it seems to be straightforward machine plus you can do modifications later if you choose to do so. Look at the Elizabeth too, I know it is not everyone's prefered style, but it is actually very similar to Silvia in build and you did place Silvia on the list. Compared to Silvia it is much easier to operate, since it has precise temperature control and is dual b
  14. I have a subscription with them and never have had any bad coffee from them. Django is one of my firm favourites.
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