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  1. Thank you, never enough of airscape. Just the postage price, wow.
  2. When I first got my Silvia, many years ago. However this is only my second post, I prefer to read. Lately I look mainly for recomendations of new beans to try and I'm finding the forum very helpful, as will some of the roasters, I'm placing quite big orders, my consumption grew a lot and also order for some friends. Loving Coffee Compass at the moment! Thinking of subscription with coffee link also.
  3. I have Silvia in my kitchen for many years now and still love it a lot. It is true that the battle with lighter roasts is frustrating though. Unfortunately I suffered an injury that prevents me using it at the moment, I moved onto the Melitta bean to cup, which is as good as it gets for an automatic. However I do hope in recovery and plan to get one of the lever machines or some HX machine in the near future. I agree that Silvia is great for starting to understand coffee and the production, temperatures, and all the technical stuff and I really enjoyed the journey.
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