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  1. I have long experience with both B2C and Nespresso. My bean to cup is the mentioned Melitta (I have the Barista, but Varianza is practicaly the same), they are over budget, unless you get used one, sometimes offered on ebay and Melitta sells refurbished on their own website. Milk drinks are great, espresso not so much I'm afraid, the grinder is just too limited. Nespresso has the Creatista, which has fantastic milk options, very similar to Sage Bambino, it is very easy to take care of and some of the coffee options are rather pleasant.
  2. I own the Melitta Barista TS Smart B2C. Have had it for nearly two years after I decided that I do not have time for my Silvia anymore. Times change, corona comes, plenty of time now and I am ready for Niche (still uhming and ahming about that) and some simple machine to go with that, Bambino being one possibility having experienced that milk system through Nespresso Creatista machine. Silvia was lovely, however temperamental. Melitta makes very good milky drinks and long coffee, however the espressos are not to my taste. The convenience is great though, but I got into filter coffee and that i
  3. Thank you, never enough of airscape. Just the postage price, wow.
  4. When I first got my Silvia, many years ago. However this is only my second post, I prefer to read. Lately I look mainly for recomendations of new beans to try and I'm finding the forum very helpful, as will some of the roasters, I'm placing quite big orders, my consumption grew a lot and also order for some friends. Loving Coffee Compass at the moment! Thinking of subscription with coffee link also.
  5. I have Silvia in my kitchen for many years now and still love it a lot. It is true that the battle with lighter roasts is frustrating though. Unfortunately I suffered an injury that prevents me using it at the moment, I moved onto the Melitta bean to cup, which is as good as it gets for an automatic. However I do hope in recovery and plan to get one of the lever machines or some HX machine in the near future. I agree that Silvia is great for starting to understand coffee and the production, temperatures, and all the technical stuff and I really enjoyed the journey.
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