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  1. I've had my first AZ vaccination on Wednesday (I'm 41, but a carer), Thursday I felt every single bone in my body and had terrible earache, Friday the same just milder, yesterday I was fine again. And i do feel very fortunate, especially as the children go back to school next week.
  2. I have done it ten days ago and I'm really happy with Osmio. Cannot drink much coffee at the moment due to health reasons, but the taste is much improved in my morning americano as well as all the tea and water consumed throughout the rest of the day. Great addition to any kitchen (especially with disgusting north London water). I clean the water tank with Milton every two weeks.
  3. I found this on the website: Hi, In the more information is says, "the system should be replaced after 5 years" Can you explain why the system only lasts 5 years? Is it not serviceable? 5 years seems like a very short lifetime for a product costing this much. Thanks. Kind regards. 0 Question by: Tom on 7 Feb 2021, 12:10:34 Hi Tom, it's really more than that and all the parts of the Osmio Zero are available and the system is servicable, so the system could be refurbished after 5 years. It's normal for a reverse osmosis pump to last less than 10 years but these can be replaced and the system carry on. We often trade in 5-7 year old ones to be reconditioned to provide for resale on our ebay store which sells only used or graded items or we give them away to Charities. This answer is what made me to back away from buying the ebay refurbished item for £300 and buy a new one for £399.
  4. We do get through at least 4 bottles of Volvic a day (my children only drink water) and that is not counting the water that was used in the kettle or for cooking. Our Brita filter starts to leave in scale after about 10 days. The Osmio arrived 2 days ago, couldn't be happier. I believe the five years life span is due to the pump. If that gives up you can have it changed. It is mentioned in the Q&A section on Osmio website.
  5. I've recieved mine today too, absolutly loving it, the taste is great and not only in coffee😄 Due to illness I'm not drinking much coffee lately (typical, just after I got new machine), but the less coffee I drink the more pure water I need. Still, looking forward to use the water in Lizzy, eventually😒
  6. I do, have done it on Silvia and I continue with the same cleaning regime with Elizabeth. I just fill milk jug with water and Rinza milk solution, dip in the steam wand, leave it for a while and then steam the jug of water with solution, afterwards steam a jug filled with clean water.
  7. I had doubts few years ago when I first came across Niche. But when I revisited grinder update needs this year I just went for it, I think it is established way beyond any doubt. But if you don't feel comfortable, then just find different grinder to buy.
  8. Welcome and congratulations. I've had mine for two weeks now and loving it. Unfortunately I can't drink warm milk at the moment, probably something to do with covid, but I can finally taste espresso properly and that is a pure joy with the Elizabeth.
  9. @gichka I originally wanted to buy Victoria, ended up with Elizabeth just because I was able to get it under £1000, which was my upper limit, being the only coffee drinker in the house I just decided I could not justify spending more. I'm superhappy with my decision coming from Silvia, even though I have just one milk drink a day. I'm sure if I didn't have comparison I would be just as happy with Victoria as I didn't find the steaming problematic with the Silvia (lots of dry powerful steam 1 minute after switching the button), the reason for change was the temperature control, which is perfectly fine with Victoria. In my case, changing grinder made the biggest difference in coffee quality, so I think you have done the right thing with a set budget. I'm sure you can upgrade later, Victoria is surely great first machine.
  10. I still can't taste much, even if this morning americano with milk tasted very much like strawberries with milk, the coffee being Ibanda from Django, which does say strawberry flavour. But I think it is just taste buds confusion at the moment. I can't wait to start playing with espressos.
  11. I've had great experience buying Lelit Elizabeth last week. Ordered midday Friday, whatsapp message with a photo of packed machine recieved about hour later, DHL tracking number an hour after that, machine arrived by midday on Monday. I would love to use them again and again, only the Brexit situation will probably prevent me ordering in the near future.
  12. I've had the Nemox grinder for six years, a month ago finally substituted by Niche and I would advise you to upgrade that part of your set up sooner, as the new grinder just made so much difference for the better cup of coffee. I like the look of the Unica a lot, very nice corner.
  13. Great, it should be with you soon then. Yes, I have changed the settings according to Dave's suggestions. The look of the espresso changed a lot after updating the advanced settings probably due to different length steam preinfusion. Still need to dial it up properly after the taste returns, play with the preinfusion timings etc.
  14. I have never used TNT before, nor was send anything with their service. I will keep your experiences in mind. Hopefully they will move their asses - lorry very soon, fingers crossed. I did half-enjoy latte this afternoon, it looked nice and kept me warm. But the machine is really a dream to work with, no temp surfing, no waiting and the heat up time for steam boiler is so fast, really do not have to have it on all the time.
  15. I have the Rancilio and Lelit plastic tampers there because of my inability to decide, if I should bin them or put them in storage😃
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