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  1. Hi Mike - that's great. I know you've dropped the price quite a lot but would you take 115 for a quick sale? It will help towards the courier cost (will be more expensive with a pickup). It's for my friend and will be his first espresso machine - hopefully a new recruit for this community Just got to convince him to spend the same again on a decent grinder! Cheers Elliot
  2. A friend of mine is after a beginners machine, is this still for sale? We’d need the original box as I’d be arranging a courier to collect.
  3. Just bought one - can't wait to get it, at the moment I'm getting scalded using a brush.
  4. As soon as I get around to descaling the steam boiler on my Piccino I’m going to do a little investigation about the viability of going PID whilst the machine is in bits. Preliminary thoughts are to get a chrome Gicar single probe unit to mount under the dispense switch as they look OEM (cue the dremel). In fact if you do the google image search for Piccino PID, you’ll get an interesting image from an Australian website: https://goo.gl/images/xBmG The Gicar controllers are not cheap at about 100 quid and then you’ll have to buy a (cheap!) SSR. I know, I know, the Chinese PID’s are cheaper; I use 3 of them already with my home brewing equipment... but that stuff lives in the garage, does a job and then is packed away. The Chinese stuff looks like it is used for programming a flux capacitor in a Delorian. SWMBO is already upset I’ve taken up precious worktop with my coffee gear without it looking crap as well
  5. As some people might have seen I've just purchased a used Piccino from a forum member here. The shower screen was disgusting, every single hole was blocked with oil and the brass shower holder was just covered in the same black stuff. Also, the water tank had that weird red mould in it, don't think it was ever cleaned. On unscrewing the steam wand tip I was confronted with black gunk and a few flecks of scale. I'm finding it takes 10-15 seconds to purge the water from the steam wand and even then it's put-putting and spitting. I'm finding it hard to get consistent microfoam. I cleaned the tank with some sodium percarbonate (Oxi) and soaked the shower screen in citric acid and have managed to get it sort of clean but I'm worried that I'll have to send the machine away to be descaled by Fracino and it this is going to cost more than if I'd have just bought the bloody thing new. Does anyone have any advice on how to descale the steam boiler without sending it away? I think the boiler is over filling because the sensor is caked in scale.
  6. Piccino arrived in perfect condition, many thanks to @Marmottefarcie for the smooth transaction and for the extra water filters! Mods please move to the sold section.
  7. The title of this thread fills me with fear
  8. Thanks - Taking this to PM now...
  9. Would you take £300 PayPal? I've got to stuff it on a credit card!
  10. ...might possibly be able to have someone pick it up tomorrow. One of my colleagues is down in London at the moment and coming back up north tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Would you take 280? Do you have the original box - just trying to work out if I can get courier to collect!
  12. As some folk may have noticed, I'm on the hunt for a machine - if you put it up for sale I'll take a look
  13. There's a german forum where they change the controller for a raspberry pi if you're that way inclined https://www.kaffeewiki.de/wiki/Modification_of_La_Spaziale_S1_(Mini)_Vivaldi_II_with_timer,_web_interface,_manual_dose,_power_meter_and_printserver_with_airprint
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