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  1. Ok great. I’ve sent you a PM with my paypal address. If you let me have your postal address I’ll get it on it’s way to you. cheers, Russ
  2. Hi James, I have 20g VST ridgeless filter basket sitting around surplus to requirements if you are still looking. I pulled about 20 shots through it before I decided it wasn’t for me. Boxed. £15 inc postage. Russ
  3. I prefer the light roast but the design is too flat. Yes I know that is all the trend but there’s a limit and at the moment usability is being unduly affected. Some colour or tone could be judiciously used to make the posts stand out a little more from the background and from each other. The tag colour in dark grey works, but the brown for poster tags doesn’t. The banner also looks out of place with the white theme. I know it’s probably nostalgic to keep it but it’s not in keeping with the flat theme having a hessian background. The site should really decide if it wants to go for a modern flat UI, and if so it needs to be consistent and coherent.
  4. The brown is unpleasant, brown with green tags is truly hideous. Add on top of that garish contributor badges and you end up with a graphic design mess. The site needs to be redesigned with a coherent colour palette. The one thing I do prefer from the dark roast theme is that each post has a header that is distinct in colour from the body section.
  5. If you turn your screen from portrait to landscape it shows the menu. Which is rather odd behaviour but I’m assuming it’s mobile device settings to manage screen real estate.
  6. An article on this debate: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/coffee-pods-nespresso-recycling
  7. Thanks for the further explanation but even though you start with ‘extraction is not directly related to ratio’, you effectively then go on to say it is. I perhaps made the incorrect assumption were were talking espresso not other methods. I can understand that extraction is a function of ratio for espresso, that makes sense, it’s just it seemed the point was being made that it isn’t.
  8. MWJB can you unpack this a bit more for me please. I get the ultimate point that ratio is dependent and personal and there’s no target value, it’ll be what it’ll be. The bit that hurts my brain is the extraction percentage. It feels like you are saying that variable isn’t related to ratio, and I’m struggling with that.
  9. New addition, thanks Joey, it looks absolutely fantastic.
  10. I attended Bella Barista’s basic course and found it very helpful as someone starting out. It covered everything from the growing and roasting of beans, aroma differentiation, cupping and then making espresso from a range of machine types and texturing milk. There seemed to be an option on the brewing method that would be covered, but as everyone there was interested in espresso that’s what they focused on but I got the impression if some of the group were interested in other methods they would have covered those too. It was also useful for me as the machine I was looking to buy was in the training room so I got hands on before I bought. Which I also did at the same time. The course was on a Saturday and the shop is not normally open, but they allowed the training group to access it and were happy to setup and test a machine for me to buy. I had checked all this before hand and they were super helpful and willing to oblige. BB is about 40 miles from me but I dropped the kids at an outdoor adventure place in Wellingborough whilst I had a morning learning about coffee, bought a shiny coffee machine and then we all had lunch. So the distance seemed inconsequential.
  11. Is this still available? If so I’ll take it with a 58.4 base, please.
  12. If you’ve been reading the forums since you posted this you might have seen a lot of discussion of the Niche grinder. This is within your budget and is definitely one you should consider. The one possible negative is that there is a lead time in obtaining one as it is an indigogo project, I’m not sure what the current order to delivery time is but if you are desperate to upgrade you might find this a problem. If you can wait however, the Niche is a brilliant bit of kit, great for so-called single dosing, so you can have a number of different beans on the go, experimenting with types, as you only grind what you need when you need it. You also suggest you might use the grinder for other types of brewing (‘mostly’ espresso), whilst I have only used mine for espresso the adjustability of the grind is easy and wide ranging so I believe it is no problem changing from espresso to other methods, a feature often not easily obtainable with other grinders. It is also kitchen friendly as it’s compact and good looking. There are however lots of options, for example you could explore getting an originally much more expensive grinder second hand. I’m sure some of the more experienced forumers will be able to offer alternatives.
  13. It would seem a real oversight if the wand cannot be angled such that it hangs over the drip tray. I don’t know if there are version differences but this image from an Amazon review suggests it can be angled to what looks like a position where it should drip onto the drip tray? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R2AQKFUSWRNJZ9/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00C2352TW
  14. To be honest I don’t know if keeping the coffee hot / warm via actively heating it would spoil it. Interesting point. I imagine there are some experts here who will be able to speak authoritatively about it. The internet more generally seems ambiguous, most sites suggest hot plates are a bad idea but then go on to say the usb cup warmers, or car warmers are ok. Maybe it depends on the temperature of the plate?
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