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  1. Not watched it yet, tonights viewing with a nice cup of coffee
  2. I have been considering an upgrade to my grinder, it needs to be a single-dose unit, well engineered, suitable for grinding anything from espresso to pour-over, and obviously makes a good brew! I have considered a EK43, however the more I read the more i'm put off by all the faff of aligning the burrs and even having to upgrade them, then there is issue of it not being the best choice if I want to grind from espresso to pour-over. Is the Monolith flat a good choice for what I want? i.e. is it good for espresso - pour-over?? Ordering and getting one I realise is an issue.
  3. I have an opportunity to "upgrade", by the fact I would prefer a grinder that I can swap and change beans easily, i.e. single-dose. I'm hoping by going to a grinder with bigger burrs and can also improve my results (its not bad at the moment!). Initial thoughts were an EK, however just want to check what else is worth considering. Space is not a big issue for me but would prefer just to have 1 grinder. I'm in no rush to upgrade, my current one is good, its just that I'm having to use a hand grinder when I want to change to a different bean.
  4. Yes agree, looking for a one grinder that does all (pour over, espresso etc..) single dose as I like to swap and change beans between brews, and must be very good quality, much better than what I have already. Maybe there is no such grinder!!
  5. Thanks all. @jeebsy when you say the EK doesn't make typical espresso, what do you mean?
  6. What options do I have for a very high quality single-dose grinder for home use? To be used for espresso, v60 etc.... Currently have a Rocket Fausto (Eureka Zenith 65..) Are there grinders out there which are going to give me significantly better results? e.g. EK48S
  7. Who are official sellers for Mahlkonig in the uk? I'm possibly interested in buying a EK43S, any recommendations on where to buy? Looking for good Customer service.
  8. Are there big differeces in quality between Bottomless Portafilter Handles? I have a Rocket R58, so it has the E61 group head. The ECM handle is about £60, the Rocket is £35, big difference.
  9. I just received an Aergrind this week, not had chance to use it yet. Comes with no instructions, can you explain what you mean by 1.6 to 1.8?? Is that how many full turns from a fully closed position when the burrs are just touching?
  10. Works ok for me, however its slow
  11. duc996bp


    I have just ordered a Aeropress for when I'm away from home etc.... I'm assuming I'm best grinding the beans as and when I want to make a brew, rather than grinding some at home and putiing in a container to use later? If so, can someone recommend a good quality hand grider suitable for the job? I have seen porlex mentioned, is there anything better?
  12. Thanks, I suppose the difficulty came because I was surprised how much finer I had to go, so wasted a lot of beans slowly getting there. Once there it was stable. Shortly after buying these beans, they are no longer available! Anyway its a learning curve for me.
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