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  1. Yes, thanks. If you can let me know how you want to pay, I’d prefer bank transfer or friends and family PayPal.
  2. It’s chrome, pictures should be up tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Hi, I’ll get some exterior ones over tomorrow when there’s better light. Attached are a couple taken this evening whilst cleaning. Never had any issues with the burs. There isn’t any unusual scoring or marks so I’m assuming alignment is fine. It’s as if left the factory.
  4. Hi @Coofee, assuming its its not breaking Forum rules I’ll split the difference at £425. Collected. Mod’s? If not interested I’ll stick it on the for sale section.
  5. Hi, I’dbe grateful for a realist valuation for my Eureka Atom Grinder. It’s the original 60mm version. Bought from Bella Barista in June 2018 so still has the majority of its two year warranty available. Total grinds are 32 singles & 802 doubles. In as new condition. Probaly look to sell on the forum with collection from south Birmingham area. Thanks
  6. Hi, I’ll take this at asking £50 (inc. postage) Regards, Stuart
  7. Hi John, Ill take the size 1 please
  8. Push Tamper arrived today, looking forward to experimenting over the weekend. thanks
  9. Hi, I’d be interested in these once (if) they are back up for Sale - price dependant. if the are still at £350 then I’ll take them at asking. If revised price then I would need to review.
  10. Hi, I'll take the Push Tamper at asking if it's still available.
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