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  1. 25% is good with me, shall we move to pm to sort out payment details? Pickup might take some time 🤣
  2. @The Systemic Kid Thank you the message, as this is one of those embarrassing moments where i got caught up in the excitement and didnt properly read what i typed in. I meant to say: *buy and pay a deposit for it now* until i pick up I fully understand if in the current climate you would prefer the have everything sold and sorted as soon as possible. Apologies for the confusion all
  3. So having just looked into it, don't think it's worth the risk of shipping to be honest. If youd prefer to have it sorted as soon as possible, would you be willing to try and meet somewhere tomorrow? There may be a way to make it work but chances are slim. Or if you prefer to play it safe, i can buy and pay for it now and pick up once this round of lockdown is over? I would want: Grinder with ssp only (£1800 if i read the above correctly) Printed hopper (£30)
  4. Hiya @fluffles Interested in the grinder with the ssp burrs only, and the printed hopper as well. Only issue currently is that i am in South London and driving to meet up isnt really an option for me currently and may not be for a while. Especially with all the lockdowns. Would you be consider adding shipping at all?
  5. Incredibly, few months down the line, a Whole bunch of descaling later, i still cannot get the top bolt off. Coffees good though.
  6. Finances permitted 1.Thecatlinux2. Jimbojohn55 3. VivaLaTank
  7. Thank you @NJD1977 May i just say, that is one lovely looking set up, i thought it was a stock photo at first! I actually had this too. Particularly from the hot water arm. I found that the only thing that seemed to help (at least i think it did) was flushing water through it. I only really drink espresso so have baked it into my pre shot routine to purge both of them before going anyway, just so things arent in there too long. What have you been using to descale with by the way? One thing it has made me realise, given I live in London i want all future machines to have a drain on them. It makes life so easy! I found i had to put so much citric through the boiler to get going. Even with best intentions of using a brita filter, it will still build up where I am
  8. Thank you @Cuprajake Nice! How are you finding it? Thats good, its always a bit of a gamble buying secondhand! haha. So funnily enough, even after lots of wd40 i was still getting more movement on the group than I was on the able to get even slight movement in that bolt. 🤣 so called it a day on that one and just put quite a bit of cafiza through. The gauze on the very top one is also most definitely stuck in, even after some chrome friendly descaling. So possibly worth replacing. At the same time, it is running well at the moment and part of me has had my fun with this machine and wants to pass it on to someone else to have some fun with. So toying with the idea of moving it on as a 90-95% complete project so they can have some fun with it.
  9. So, time to finish off this thread. Following on from the first part, once connected and having enlisted the help of my dad to double check i wasnt going to blow the house up when i switched it on, we turned the machine on and went for it. i followed the guide online as well advice from Jim on filling the tank from empty, (30 on, then off to let the pump cool down etc) so as to not overwork it. At this point i was using a nice 5lt tupperwhere instead of a tank. Thankfully, it worked fine on fill up and having left it to sit for an hour or so, no leaking. At this point it might be worth mentioning the multi position switch. 1 is used for filling the tank etc. the 2 position is what also activates the heating element. so having given the machine a once over, it was time to switch over to position 2 to see if it heats up or not. Now, what i found was the machince could heat up, but very little, and after some help and research online it was quickly apparently the element was going/gone. This was confirmed with a quick of the element resistance (with hindsight i would probably also check the element before getting going.) This was the part in the rebuild i was most worried about, as up to this point i had managed to do everything on the machine without dissasembling it completely. The element sits under the machine next to the boiler drain and can be accessed through a small service hatch in the case. Only issue, it needs a 37mm socket tool to get it out. incredibly my dad had one of these in the shed and we got the element out tp confirm it was most definitley dead. So back onto the web to find some parts. Now there was a few options for a quickmill andreja elements on ebay for around £30/40 but all of these were different in dimensions to the one i had, infact they would have been too long for the boiler. instead i was able to find the right one at almost double that price, but nevermind. all in the name of fun right? When putting the elemet back in, I also had a quick peek in the boiler. Having done some descaling, up to this point I was happy to seen th boiler was looking pretty good. For reference, we got the element out without needing to remove the boiler. just put an extended socket through the service hatch (which is also where the boiler drain is. So, having put everything back together, it was time to switch the machine back on. Finally, we had heat, and most importantly, steam! This meant i could finally turn my attention to the Group itself, i had already cleaned up most of the gunk from its years of abuse. but i also managed to get most of the bolts off to give it a clean. - filthy, as expected, but also quite a bit of scale. Being honest the E61 mushroom was quite bad, and to this day i still havent been able to take off the largest top bolt. It is quite simply stuck. But for now, i had a working machine and the water was finally flowing through nice and clear. I also had the rest of the group apart, cleaned it, and more importantly greased it. Much better. For the tank i found a suitable plastic container that would fit in the space left for it. To me this was ok considering i didnt need the original tank for the auto pump shut off,. because of this i wasnt too concerned about using a substitute. it also means that i wasnt filling up with lots of water at a time, but only the amount i would use in a day. so overall, quite happy. Sor the top plate, step up @jimbojohn55 who very kindly made me a replacement that fit perfectly. Even with my dodgy measurement diagram! Also, in the time since i finished the machine, a friend of my fathers has fabricated me a new drip tray. While its not the original and its a little more rough than "shiny" I am really happy with how it turned out. All in all, it may not be the most perfect machine, it has some marks, stains in the chrome and had lead a pretty hard life up to when i bought it. But considering it has allowed me to have a lot of fun and to learn a bit about how an e61 grouphead works first hand, without having to pay for lots of money, I am very happy.
  10. Love this @Joe shorrock Machine(s): KvdW Presto Just look at that thing. Grinder: Titus Ek43 with colouring to match the machine
  11. Aha cheers guys! I think I might actually buy new next time I get a machine 🤣
  12. So, after finally finding myself with some time, I decided to write up my latest project which technically only finished this week (more on that later) Now to start by making one thing clear. Becoming the owner of this machine is 100% the fault of @joey24dirt... 😂 Also a shout out to both Joey and @jimbojohn55for the help they have given getting this thing back up to scratch again. I originally picked up this machine back in october last year. It was one of those ones on Ebay, listed as spares or repairs, you look at it once and decide is probably overpriced. Thats what I did too actually, except I was convinced to throw in an offfer, because why not. So I offered what I thought it would be worth to me as a learning project to throw a few afternoons at and understand how things work. Especially considering I had only ever owned lever machines up to this pointand curiosity was getting the better of me. Incredibly my offer was accepted much to Joeys surprise and my panic. So I picked it up from the seller who turned out to be coffee machine repairer who said he had listed it because he mainly sells to businesses and no one wants something like this (he was focused on 2 group machines). So I had a project on my hands, and wow. what a project it turned out to be. First thing to note, and a lesson for everyone even if youre picking up a battered old machine, even if its more as a learning tool than a project. Check. The. Identification. Sticker. Seriously just do it. I was giddy in having had my offer accepted, for what i thought was a suitable price, and only gave the machine a very quick once over. It turned out the machine was originally a US model and it has 120V listed on the top in plain sight. My potential error didnt click until I went to wire in the plug and the colouring was wrong (It was to US wiring of course.). Rookie error on my part, and I got lucky because after a quick exchange of messages, it turned out it was a machine converted to running on 240V (I was totally sold, but i rolled with it, i was commited at this point). So I replaced the power wiring to something suitable and attached a new plug. But i wasnt going to turn it on or try anything until i'd had a proper look at everything. After this I decided to start the rest of the teardown to see what was what. Off my initial guess id be needing a new drip tray, top cover, water tank (which had already had the low level shut off disabled - real frankstein machine here) and probably a pump as a starting point. Sure as can be, opened up the machine, and well it was carnage in there. Also attached, the blown up pump. As is the way with most cheap secondhand machines, it was filthy! My (uneducated) guess was that the group being blocked was a potential cause of the pump blowing up or the previous owner had just decided to switch it on and go for a weekly shop, your guess is as good as mine. It was grim in there and also scaled up to boot. The panels were also very dirty so i gave those a nice clean to start with. So it was time to get cracking. I started by ordering a bunch of replacement parts for in and around the group, some citric to descale, and a new pump. From here I could work out what else needed to be changed. Anyways, hope that was at least slightly interesting. I will try to write up the rest in another post, so stay tune, as you can imagine, there was quite a lot to get through...
  13. Never thought I'd see the day where living in London turns out to be better for my wallet...
  14. Pfft practically a brand new piston that ?
  15. Aha, I think it was 20 years of London water and no cleaning that did the trick! To echo @jimbojohn55, they are really nice and simple to work with, especially if they have a bolt on element. The only tool I had to purchase specifically was the oil wrench for tightening the boiler to the base. I would also recommend keeping an eye out and being patient, they crop up on ebay or gumtree for low prices every once in a while! I waited a few months before getting the first one then ended up with a second shortly after ?
  16. Awesome, will drop you a pm to sort the details out.
  17. @dwalsh1 I would like buy this at asking asking price please
  18. ?? On the plus side, the milk is much nicer now haha. Once again, cheers @Nicknak
  19. @sm808 No worries, will have a think about it but will pass for now
  20. @sm808 is this is all still available as a bundle? If yes, I would like to offer £350 for the lot.
  21. I use a Flair at work and La Pavoni's at home. Really enjoy using both
  22. Accurate representation of how my swan attempts are going...
  23. Can we start @MildredM and @joey24dirton negative points... ?
  24. Always great to come home to a delivery. Thank you once again @Nicknak Now, can someone help find me another excuse for being bad at steaming milk?
  25. @NicknakReally appreciate it mate!
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