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  1. No tamper by the looks of it though, reckon you will manage? 😉
  2. May I potentially be added to this list please?
  3. VivaLaTank

    EK43 - £500

    At a guess based on the (I think) Thai writing on the sticker, it might be in the Thai solar calendar. Googling says 2019 works out to 2562. If that helps anyone haha. Also now showing as £1000 each.
  4. Actually, the issue is actually more the steam tip and condition of the arm itself. Internally it is in awful condition so I havent used it (I use the one off my other machine). Funnily enough I had noticed they are very slightly different side by side. Which is quite interesting.
  5. Thanks guys! Reckon the only thing that needs work moving forward is the steam wand itself. But I rarely steam milk anyway.
  6. So, about time I resurrect this thread with an update. Firstly I ended up replacing all the boiler gaskets, the old ones were absolutely cooked and not to mention in pieces. I continued by updating the wiring connections. A reassemble (with the help of the trusty oil wrench) and everything looks and feels a little nicer. Also, no twisting base so far... I must admit, when comparing to my other machine, this is one that has clearly seen a lot more use, and much less maintenance in its lifetime. However, pretty happy to now have it up and running alongside the other machine.
  7. Ah nice, we were tempted to head there initially before we found this place! We actually stayed at an all inclusive, which usually means instant... Fortunately they had a bean to cup and a few machines at the bar. It wasn't too bad actually. Didn't see too many places when out and about though.
  8. Thanks everyone I am currently in Porto Santo, which is East of Madeira. So a tad more tropical than Hartlepool
  9. On holiday and got bored sitting by the hotel pool so decided to explore the island a bit. Took these in the process.
  10. Is that because it's usually where your car decides to take a break(down)?
  11. Haha almost makes me wish I gave that a go... 😂 Cheers mate! I will make sure that you go first 😉 Yep that was me 😊 Thank you for the offer! I will definitely bare that I mind. Fortunately I was speaking to my mum this evening and shes certain my grandad actually has an oil wrench in his shed. Which is great as that is the only thing that I dont have currently 😁
  12. Aha definitely one for me to enter!
  13. After long enough hiding within the forum, I felt it was finally time to start my own thread. However, before I get started, I just want to say a massive thank you to @jimbojohn55 for his incredible patience with my many questions, and to @joey24dirt for just being a general bad influence when it comes to getting lever machines and the accessories that are also defintiely a "must have" Another thanks also goes to everyone on the forum for the many threads filled with information on these machines that have built up over the years. So, I already have a Post Millennium Europiccola, which I have had immense fun making coffee with. I always fancied seeing what a pre millennium machine would be like, and then this Professional came turned up and I couldn’t help myself. It was in of a clean, but everything worked. So why not, even it meant carrying it back through a few tube and train journeys. That is all part of the story right? I have tried my best to detail out most of the steps along the way. I also hope this formats ok. Bit of rust under the drip tray, but I followed an old thread and gave it a clean up and will just keep an eye on it moving forward To start with, I did the rounds in boiler with descaler. I decided to put off the disassembly of the base for another time (more on that later). Safe to assume it wasn't descaled often/ever. While that was going on, time to clean up the group. Having cleaned the group on my other machine, I thought I was ready for what lay inside. I was wrong. I was so wrong. I am not even sure I want to know what the last coffee made by this machine tasted like, or if the drinker survived it… With that experience out of the way. All other the parts were cleaned. With the new seals and the new sight glass protector ready as well, I put everything back together and added grease where needed. Unfortunatley no buffing, so no polished piston. But still alot better than what I started with. Assembly complete, it was time to switch the machine on. It didn’t blow up on me, so that’s something, but there are still a few things left to do: - Restore/replace the handles and knobs. The steam assembly in general was in a bit of a state and needed a fair amount of grease and adjustment to move smoothly again (once again, cheers for the guidance Jim). - When hot, the boiler rotates, so its time to get the oil wrench on order and sort that out when I can. - The wiring most likely needs an update. I replaced one of the connections, but given I may just take the base apart to redo all the seals etc and tighten things up. I might change all the connectors while I am at it. Especially as I think they are still the original ones. When will I get around to doing it? No idea, depends where work takes me, so stayed tuned for another update at some point
  14. Happy Birthday @MildredM
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