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  1. Awesome, will drop you a pm to sort the details out.
  2. @dwalsh1 I would like buy this at asking asking price please
  3. 🤔🤔 On the plus side, the milk is much nicer now haha. Once again, cheers @Nicknak
  4. @sm808 No worries, will have a think about it but will pass for now
  5. @sm808 is this is all still available as a bundle? If yes, I would like to offer £350 for the lot.
  6. I use a Flair at work and La Pavoni's at home. Really enjoy using both
  7. Happy to give it a go if there is still space
  8. Accurate representation of how my swan attempts are going...
  9. Can we start @MildredM and @joey24dirton negative points... 🙄
  10. Always great to come home to a delivery. Thank you once again @Nicknak Now, can someone help find me another excuse for being bad at steaming milk?
  11. @NicknakReally appreciate it mate!
  12. No tamper by the looks of it though, reckon you will manage? 😉
  13. May I potentially be added to this list please?
  14. VivaLaTank

    EK43 - £500

    At a guess based on the (I think) Thai writing on the sticker, it might be in the Thai solar calendar. Googling says 2019 works out to 2562. If that helps anyone haha. Also now showing as £1000 each.
  15. Actually, the issue is actually more the steam tip and condition of the arm itself. Internally it is in awful condition so I havent used it (I use the one off my other machine). Funnily enough I had noticed they are very slightly different side by side. Which is quite interesting.
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