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  1. Happy Birthday @MildredM :D
  2. [quote name='Cooffe']I'll let you know how the Blind Tumbler that I ordered suits the 54mm portafilter! I know it was slightly different to the original suggestion.[/QUOTE] @Cooffe how did you get on with the blind tumbler/54mm portafilter combination? Debating seeing if I can use one for my La Pav...
  3. Thank you to everyone for today It was great to finally put faces to the names!
  4. So I have managed to get here earlier expected... does anyone know if we can park in any of the spaces given it's a Sunday?
  5. Oh bother, I think I'd rather run* the marathon... *walk
  6. @Thecatlinux , @jymbob Oops, that must have been me messing up when trying to add my name to the list on my phone. Sorry Everyone
  7. @DavecUK I can't tell if it is my phone screen, but I was convinced those were olives at first glance...
  8. Haha possibly very true
  9. [quote name='Phil104']Welcome from me... and Krema is brilliant - they use Horsham and they happen to be close to Ben's Collector Records.[/QUOTE] @Phil104 I possibly spent too much time in both these places while I was doing my degree. Definitely agree and would recommend both to anyone visiting Guildford (especially if collecting music is your thing) Coffee culture was also not bad if I remember correctly.
  10. 1. grumpydaddy 2. Heligan 3. Hasi 4. johnealey 5. Dumnorix 6. MrShades 7. Rob177palmer 8. Jollybean 9. richwade80 10. Rhys 11. (Rhys's other half, unless a +1 is acceptable?) 12. MediumRoastSteam 13. Flying_vee 14. RobW 15. Deeez Nuuutz 16. jimbojohn55 17. Thecatlinux* 18. Working dog 19. joey24dirt 20. Stevebee 21. dlash 22. Snakehips 23. Planter 24. Jaffro 25. Nicknak 26. Niche Coffee (James and Martin) 27. Systemic kid 28. MarkyP 29. H_P 30. CallumT 31. Bigben 32. Camv6 33. Mr Binks 34. Matharon 35. Jymbob 36. nigeljh (+puppy!) 37. VivaLaTank
  11. [quote name='jimbojohn55']also get a naked portafilter[/QUOTE] @jimbojohn55 , out of interest is there anywhere specific you would recommend for getting a bottomless portafilter? /an old portafilter to convert yourself?
  12. I used to get called the Tank by my football team growing up. (I was a goalkeeper and was rather on the large size as a kid). The Viva La bit was a joke on top that somehow stuck and became my name on most things for the next 10 years...
  13. @Ihavelund not sure if you bought anything in the end, but I think they are back in stock on Coffee Hit
  14. I found I quite liked the dark roast Mexican Mountatin Water decaf from Redber when I got it in a taster pack a while back.
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