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  1. So just finished the bag of Coocamu beans and to be honest i struggled with consistency, both bitterness and yield was difficult to manage. By comparison i've just started the bag of Kibenga and WOW, superb! it feels more subtle in flavour but the lemon note certainly shines through without overpowering. I'm a fan EDIT: just seen that they've sold out
  2. perfect, i'm sold. cheers Rob
  3. AAC

    Bodum Bistro Grinder

    how do these compare with the Sage grinder?
  4. Great bike, and stunning frame! if i had space in the shed (and i fancied getting divorced!) i'd be snapping this up!
  5. How are you finding the Coocamu beans? i'm intrigued by the flavour mix and thinking of ordering next week.
  6. Actually just ordered this, will let you know when it arrives.
  7. Hi Tom , is this still available? Thanks Andrew
  8. Almost ashamed to say, but i do like a Teapigs mai Feng green tea
  9. personally i'm a fan of the Jansen + Co My Teapot
  10. I'm a fan of Green Tea, tends to be my afternoon go to drink.
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