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  1. Hi mohass, My ascaso grinder does actually have a collar under the hopper with numbers on it to help remember the grind. It’s a new design feature but I’m not sure when it started.
  2. The Mc2 has conical burrs and a similar if not the same burrset as Ascaso's lower quality model, the I-Mini I2. The I1 (which I am selling) has flat burrs and a more consistent grind than the I2. The build quality of the Mc2 I'd say is similar to the Ascaso, but the I1 is slightly finicky which I think it makes up for with the better grind consistency.
  3. Hi mohass, I've got an Ascaso I-Mini I1 doserless grinder I'm looking to sell. It's a great beginner's grinder. I'd be looking for around £110 delivered.
  4. Hi guys, I'm desperately looking to buy a La Pavoni lever after just missing out on one on ebay. I come to London several weekends a month but mostly live in York, would be willing to collect if relatively local but shipped would be preferred. Any spare ones knocking around? Thanks guys, Ben
  5. Just opposite a pub called The Artful Dodger on Micklegate.
  6. I love using James Hoffman's french press method with my aeropress, with the brew time reduced from around 14 minutes (if I remember correctly) to about 7.
  7. Dyls is a great location for a drink despite the average coffee.
  8. Bit of an old thread but thought it was worth mentioning a new-ish café that's opened up called Divine Coffee. Not bad and still growing.
  9. Also late. Moved to York recently and live on Heslington Road - Bison was solid and bought some great Brazilian beans from Hasbean.
  10. I was practising my latte art on some instant coffee (decaf) and it smelled as bad as it tasted - I couldn't believe I was once able to drink that stuff.
  11. Hi - I have an Ascaso I-mini I1 that's been on the forum for a while now. I'd be happy to sell it for £110 shipped. It's a great beginner's grinder.
  12. I have an Ascaso I-mini I1 I'd be happy to sell for £110 shipped. It has no timer, but one can be installed quite easily.
  13. I enjoyed my coffee at Concierge.
  14. AE Stanton in West London does plenty of La Pav services - best around I’d say
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