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  1. I ordered mine on Monday, and it was delivered Thursday (today). When I ordered the Feldgrind2 , the website showed 5 available. After my order went in, I checked the website, and it had gone down to 4 available. Perhaps I was lucky, but it seems to me that if they show stock then it is safe to order. Currently, no availability showing. Very impressed so far, grinding is a breeze compared to a Hario Skerton .
  2. I think I will request these for a Fathers day present..
  3. I have just had some El Hato. Very good as a V60 . I have just finished a bag of Pilgrims Coffee decaf blend - Indonesia/Costa Rica CO2 method, which is not on their site now. Rich body , with a slight touch of stone fruit.. On the site now is a coffee from Congo which I hope someone will try!
  4. Very nice Café , good snacks and cakes, including the best chocolate brownie I have tasted The coffee is The York Coffee Emporium. I had an Aeropress Rocko Mountain Yirgacheffee , which was wonderful and fruity
  5. Mine arrived today, so I will give it a try later in the week. Pour over for me! Thanks for organising this
  6. Are the Feldgrind and the Lido grinders significantly easier to grind with than the old Hario Skerton that I gave up on? I am using an aeropress and pour over , so no espresso to consider I may pack the grinder for the holidays , but that is a bonus Please let me know.
  7. I will try this on next week. Strangely I have never been to this one, although my wife has been with friends. I had coffee in Stuzzi yesterday, North Star own blend.
  8. Still good, went last week. Espresso etc is North Star (their own blend?) I must try the brew next time. The food is scandinavianly different, but worth seeking out
  9. I went to Grindsmith twice at Salford Keys a couple of days ago. Pour over Kenyan was very nice. On a second visit I had the brewed Guatemalan, which was better. I finished with a flat white, which was nice and creamy, but one dimensional in way. I had a fair bit of time on my hands
  10. Mostly Aeropress and filter, including decaf when it's late. I have used the York Coffee Emporium a lot, but this site is full of new choices to make!
  11. I would like to join this. This is my first post, so I hope it's ok
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