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  1. mine has a detachable base and I can swap the base to other shapes
  2. I've got a torr. great tamper! Looks the nuts.....and I had it laser engraved with my initials just for extra extravagance!!!
  3. if cost isn't an issue I'd have gone for the k30 over the pro m espresso anyway. I got mine at a bit of a bargain price! The electronic front section/touchscreen bit is basically timer and counter.
  4. I don't know where you got this from but the adjustment mechanism ISN'T electronic. It is mechanical....its a dial on the side you turn.
  5. oooh super caimino doserless looks shiny........must stop looking at these threads........
  6. definately coffee reacting with the milk. I actually had some crazy theory it was the coffee still giving off co2 but its probably not. Can be more or less severe depending on the quality of the milk though I found.
  7. +1 for the pro M! Looks great, small footprint, really great grinds. Only drawback is the adjustment mechanism.
  8. treat/once a week/month doesn't matter. You won't lose weight whilst you are eating stuff like that no matter how infrequent you tell yourself you are having it!
  9. surely you've just answered your own question!! ditch the pizza and alcohol, eat clean for a month and the weight will fall off!!!
  10. hmmm the problem is I usually work on saturday afternoons. I might see if ronsil is going......He lives by me.
  11. wowsers thats awesome!!! anymore machines on your hit list??? can we come and play in your coffee room!!!
  12. oh I never actually checked!!! I like the ones you just sold! no worries. I'm not a huge pink fan! I'll take a couple of the cafe ones though.....actually did you say you were selling them in 2's???? Sorry I haven't been massively concentrating on the original post! I just sort of jumped in! Am not bothered about saucers though. They just get in the way anyway
  13. jimrobo

    Rave Coffee

    I've just had a kilo of cuban dropped through my letter box from rave
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