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  1. I already sent the email to Paolo last week although the scratches i have are not in the lever but in the head of the piston, at the back of the lever, on one side. Bte no answer yet (I know people are busy in Milano).
  2. I received the "big leva" a couple of months ago and I didn't yet show the updated corner!
  3. Welcome to the forum and to the Evo Leva club. I have exact same trolley, actually I think I took very similar picture when my machine arrived! Enjoy!
  4. I am using IMS also, bot 26 and 32, but I am dosing 19g on the 26 since I consistently had better results (and less channelling observed on the naked portafilter). For the 32 I am dosing 22g. and sobfar so good, although this one I use it with the double spouted portafilter and I did not "research" with it that much. Editing: BTW using a custom Bravo 54,9mm for the IMS.
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the club! If you are planning to use small quantities of milk (150-200ml. )I recommend lowering the steam temp between 120°Cand 125°C as 130°C was too much for me! Also the gear pump noise I was really concern, and as you say is not engaged long at all, not loud at all and, compared with a vibration pump, waaaaay more pleasant sound! Play, enjoy, learn, and show us a picture when (if) you install the white panels!
  6. Today I tried my first temperature declining profile. I have a Mexico Chiapas coffee from Jaleo Cooffee, a micro-roaster form nearby Barcelona, that they told me that was the darkest roast they made, so initially I tried it with group PID at 90 and brew boiler at 98. But still, a bit of bitterness on the taste and I wanted to eliminate it. So, next shot I did it with the group heater off and the results were really good! Of course, still on the dark side of espresso here, no surprises, but all the bitter notes are gone and just some nutty and cocoa strong notes, that will go very well with milk
  7. Congratulations! Welcome to the club! Let us know your first impressions!
  8. Hi, I am not such an expert as many of the fellow owners here, so this is my opinion as an amateur owner... To give some context, I only have a Niche Zero grinder to use with the Vesuvius EVO Leva. Easy to use, easy to dial: once understood how it works, what does what and why to increase, decrease temperatures or even turn off PID on the group you realize how easy it is and how quick it works (obviously to lower temperatures that comes quicker with some flush). The lever doesn't feel hard or difficult to use, the other way around: even being assisted by two springs, the physical feedback is upgrading the coffee ritual part and I see the potential with the ability to modify in a really easy way the pressure during the shot (and thanks to the group gauge this will be easy to monitor real time). A noticeable upgrade in taste. I was always told that grinder upgrades are much more noticeable than coffee machine upgrades... Except now. Wow! Although I had very enjoyable coffees with my humble Ascaso Dream ( that could be not the best quality materials machine, but it's a very capable little one and I had coffees that matched same one taken day before on a speciality coffee shop), the difference with the ACS Vesuvius EVO Leva it's astonishing: flavours are much more clear, easier to separate, less muddy, and more intense. And with IMS baskets I noticed an improvement on body texture as well. It also an steaming beast I still have to tame, and the steam boiler get to temperature really quick in case you where idle with just brew boiler and turn it on. Finally on the practical side, it's a relatively clean machine: as no return valve on the group (being s lever one) shower is always much cleaner than we are used to and with a short flush and a damp microfiber cloth it is perfect. On the other side, you always have to have a container to get all the discarded water from each shot or to empty and clean the tray every day. Feel free to ask any questions
  9. I will try naked portafilter tomorrow whit everything hot hot. Also I am thinking about IMS filters and maybe they doesn't have those big lips stock baskets come with. Anybody with IMS 54mm filters here already can confirm? About the long arms, they actually do seem practical...
  10. And already found one small, but unexpected issue (since didn't read it before here)... Bottomless portafilter doesn't fit properly. I tried one spout and two spout portafilters and they work fine. The "flaps" only enter about 20% and clearly a safety issue. Some pictures here
  11. I've just finished to unpack, unwrap and check. Placed on it's final position.
  12. Nope, no wooden legs on the case, only 8 nice nail spikes I had to remove before even attempting anything. Apart from that all the case was in pretty good condition. It is a heavy beast, but I managed to attach the feet and leave it the counter. Later unwrapping, inspection and pictures 😉
  13. Well, second batch is arriving their destinations! Now I have to work for few hours before I can play.
  14. Ha!* It was ironic, I am pretty sure a NZ is fine, although some people, and I respect it, might not be happy with just "fine". * That "Ha!" is because it is really amusing to tell to some British guy something it's ironic! 😂
  15. And I will be using my Evo with a humble Niche... I almost don't want to read what reaction that will produce on certain people 😂
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