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  1. Hi alll... my previous thread seems to have gone al wrong so I will try again. My present grinder is a very old Duolit and Is now acting up so must be replaced. My coffee is made with a French press ,not the very expensive rigs in the forum. I use sugar and cream in the coffee. My request is could the forum PLEASE advise me as to a suitable electric grinder that does not cost a fortune (between £120/180) I must add that I do not wish to spend a fortune on a sophisticated...I am not tight fisted just 90 years of age !!!!! Any help will be very very much appreciated.....Take care all....Frederick
  2. at the moment I have a very old Dualit grinder but I think it is due for retirement. Please Help... Frederick
  3. am drinking about 3/4 cups of filter a day. If this is overkill what grinder should I consider. Help appreciated.... Frederick
  4. all....after much heart searching I have decided to go back to French Press coffee and drop my DeLongi Magnifica. I now realise that I also need a good grinder so I now ask the Forum... which one. I have a budget of about £150/199 and I was looking at the Sage Heston Brumenthal Smart at £199 but i Require some expert advice here s that is a lot of money for 2/3 cups a day. Please help and advise.... take care all... Frederick
  5. Hi all.... fired with enthusiasm I will now fiddle around with the grind setting starting at one and building up.I will stay with the present coffee beans (Dusty Ape,Capuchin) unless I am advised otherwise. I do however have another question... how different is a blend to other beans ? Many thanks all for your trouble.... Frederick
  6. think maybe I was not very clear in my origonal question so I will try again updated. The coffee beans I am using in my machine (DeLongi Magnifica bean to cup) are ,after a recomendation are Dusty Ape Capuchin and the grind setting is 5/6 (min1 Max7). I would like to know .... what is the effect of reducing or increasing the grind setting on strength,flavour,sweetness or taste. I do not like my coffee to tate acidy or bitter. At the moment I add one teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 teaspoons of single cream. My aim is to drink the coffee without each or both of these so that I may taste the true flavour of the coffee without any enhancements.I am very aware that the forum is mainly people who are true coffee enthusiats with very expensive equipment But I am afraid that at my age I am not that enthusiastic.... hence the Magnifica so please go easy on me.... treat me as a learner... keen to learn within my limited scope. Many thanks for the help... take care all.... Frederick
  7. Hi...I use freshly roasted beans from HB but I am open to suggestions. Iwould not use supermarket beans unless advised to. Many hanks for the intarest....Frederick. ps.as I noted in an earlier post I am 90 and now very lazy... hence the bean to cup,which incedently produces a good cup of coffee. I would just like to fine tune it.
  8. MrBoots 2u.... thank you for your interesting reply. The Magnifica machine allows one to alter the grind and at the moment I heve set it to 5 which as I understand is fairly course.The machine is very flexible and allows one to alter the grind as well as the water to coffee ratio. Thanks again.... Frederick
  9. Hi all.... I know this is a very, very stupid basic question BUT here goes. How does the grind (fine or course) effect the flavour and strength etc. of the ground coffee. All I am aware of is that it determines the strength but does it have any other effect. My machine is a DeLongi Magnifica bean to cup. Help appreciated..... Frederick;)
  10. Hi YesRow... My machine is the DeLongi Magnifica... a bean to cup machine so I therefore use roasted beans. Earlier I use a French press one cup thingy but decided to be lazy... hence the DeLongi. So far I have had reasonable results but the coffee seems to be rather acidic so to calm it down I add one teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 teaspoons of single cream but this combination masks the true flavour of the coffee .....hence my query. I have set the machine to grind 5 and the coffee knob to almost zero but I am not certain that I am setting at the best so any advice would be most helpful.The problem is that this forum is overloaded with real coffee experts who must frown on my coffee maker but hope springs eternal !!! Take care and thanks for the interest..... Frederick
  11. Hi Glenn.... many many thanks for ypur speedy reply. I have now ordered the two coffees that you recomended and I look forward to trying them out. I must confess I expected a rather different reply being as I do not brew my coffee like yourselves but as I said I am rather lazy.If there are any more helpfull tips you can give me regarding the use of the machine I will be gratefull, Many thanks again.... Frederick
  12. Hi all....for my sins I have purchased a DeLongi Magnifica coffee machine. My reason was that I am getting lazy (90 years) so I purchased a coffee maker that does it all. Now I am not a coffee buff BUT Ido enjoy a nice cup of coffee.I normally purchase my beans from HasBean but Iam always confused with the list of coffee and that i where I would like some help. Most coffee beans seem to be very acidy/bitter and I have tried experimenting wih the machine settings but I still have to add sugar and 2/3 tea spns of single cream. If I overload with sugar he taste is aproaching the required taste but I do not ant so much sugar.The machine is set to normal grind. Can someone please help me.... previous to this I made my coffee in a French press (caffitiere). Any help will be very much appreciated. Take care all..... Frederick.
  13. Hi all.... sorry about the email,I must have done it automatically but I have now removed it. Take care all..... Frederick
  14. Hi all.... I have just purchased a DeLongi Magnifica machine. In the past I used a French press. My question is when I purchase coffee beans and they are in a sealed bag..... How long do they keep in the bag as long as I seal it. I only drink two cups a day so you can imagine the bean last a long time. The forums help will be very much appreciated. Incedently I am very very pleased with the machine. Mant thanks.... Frederick (Lordbland)
  15. No... no more sugar in my coffee BUT I do not now have an espresso... I now do my coffee in a larger cup and add a small amount of double cream and this I do enjoy. Am I naughty ??? :D:D:D
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