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  1. Hi alll... my previous thread seems to have gone al wrong so I will try again. My present grinder is a very old Duolit and Is now acting up so must be replaced. My coffee is made with a French press ,not the very expensive rigs in the forum. I use sugar and cream in the coffee. My request is could the forum PLEASE advise me as to a suitable electric grinder that does not cost a fortune (between £120/180) I must add that I do not wish to spend a fortune on a sophisticated...I am not tight fisted just 90 years of age !!!!! Any help will be very very much appreciated.....Take care all....
  2. at the moment I have a very old Dualit grinder but I think it is due for retirement. Please Help... Frederick
  3. am drinking about 3/4 cups of filter a day. If this is overkill what grinder should I consider. Help appreciated.... Frederick
  4. all....after much heart searching I have decided to go back to French Press coffee and drop my DeLongi Magnifica. I now realise that I also need a good grinder so I now ask the Forum... which one. I have a budget of about £150/199 and I was looking at the Sage Heston Brumenthal Smart at £199 but i Require some expert advice here s that is a lot of money for 2/3 cups a day. Please help and advise.... take care all... Frederick
  5. Hi all.... fired with enthusiasm I will now fiddle around with the grind setting starting at one and building up.I will stay with the present coffee beans (Dusty Ape,Capuchin) unless I am advised otherwise. I do however have another question... how different is a blend to other beans ? Many thanks all for your trouble.... Frederick
  6. think maybe I was not very clear in my origonal question so I will try again updated. The coffee beans I am using in my machine (DeLongi Magnifica bean to cup) are ,after a recomendation are Dusty Ape Capuchin and the grind setting is 5/6 (min1 Max7). I would like to know .... what is the effect of reducing or increasing the grind setting on strength,flavour,sweetness or taste. I do not like my coffee to tate acidy or bitter. At the moment I add one teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 teaspoons of single cream. My aim is to drink the coffee without each or both of these so that I may taste the true fla
  7. Hi...I use freshly roasted beans from HB but I am open to suggestions. Iwould not use supermarket beans unless advised to. Many hanks for the intarest....Frederick. ps.as I noted in an earlier post I am 90 and now very lazy... hence the bean to cup,which incedently produces a good cup of coffee. I would just like to fine tune it.
  8. MrBoots 2u.... thank you for your interesting reply. The Magnifica machine allows one to alter the grind and at the moment I heve set it to 5 which as I understand is fairly course.The machine is very flexible and allows one to alter the grind as well as the water to coffee ratio. Thanks again.... Frederick
  9. Hi all.... I know this is a very, very stupid basic question BUT here goes. How does the grind (fine or course) effect the flavour and strength etc. of the ground coffee. All I am aware of is that it determines the strength but does it have any other effect. My machine is a DeLongi Magnifica bean to cup. Help appreciated..... Frederick;)
  10. Hi YesRow... My machine is the DeLongi Magnifica... a bean to cup machine so I therefore use roasted beans. Earlier I use a French press one cup thingy but decided to be lazy... hence the DeLongi. So far I have had reasonable results but the coffee seems to be rather acidic so to calm it down I add one teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 teaspoons of single cream but this combination masks the true flavour of the coffee .....hence my query. I have set the machine to grind 5 and the coffee knob to almost zero but I am not certain that I am setting at the best so any advice would be most helpful.The prob
  11. Hi Glenn.... many many thanks for ypur speedy reply. I have now ordered the two coffees that you recomended and I look forward to trying them out. I must confess I expected a rather different reply being as I do not brew my coffee like yourselves but as I said I am rather lazy.If there are any more helpfull tips you can give me regarding the use of the machine I will be gratefull, Many thanks again.... Frederick
  12. Hi all....for my sins I have purchased a DeLongi Magnifica coffee machine. My reason was that I am getting lazy (90 years) so I purchased a coffee maker that does it all. Now I am not a coffee buff BUT Ido enjoy a nice cup of coffee.I normally purchase my beans from HasBean but Iam always confused with the list of coffee and that i where I would like some help. Most coffee beans seem to be very acidy/bitter and I have tried experimenting wih the machine settings but I still have to add sugar and 2/3 tea spns of single cream. If I overload with sugar he taste is aproaching the required taste b
  13. Hi all.... sorry about the email,I must have done it automatically but I have now removed it. Take care all..... Frederick
  14. Hi all.... I have just purchased a DeLongi Magnifica machine. In the past I used a French press. My question is when I purchase coffee beans and they are in a sealed bag..... How long do they keep in the bag as long as I seal it. I only drink two cups a day so you can imagine the bean last a long time. The forums help will be very much appreciated. Incedently I am very very pleased with the machine. Mant thanks.... Frederick (Lordbland)
  15. No... no more sugar in my coffee BUT I do not now have an espresso... I now do my coffee in a larger cup and add a small amount of double cream and this I do enjoy. Am I naughty ??? :D:D:D
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