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  1. Hi Please could someone send me the discount code? I fancy trying the cherry cherry, sweet bourbon and red roast, unless anyone has a recommendation! Thanks
  2. James!

    UK Based Roasters

    http://primo-coffee.co.uk (Colchester)
  3. James!

    UK Based Roasters

    Hi https://thecoffeeofficina.com/ (Essex)
  4. Hi I know you've said collection, but would you consider posting to London and if so how much? No problem if can't. Thanks, James
  5. Thanks for the advice. Good to here you haven’t regretted the doser. Doser versions seem to be both more available second hand and cheaper. Thanks again
  6. James!


    Thanks all. Will update profile
  7. Hi Newbie here. Second hand super jolly seems highly regarded for decent price vs quality here. Im someone who has 4 espressos a day. Electronic version will cost more I see. But worth it? Anyone had had any bad clumping with the doserless? Any advice wecome Thanks
  8. James!


    Hi Finally stopped lurking! Some great info on here for a newbie. Love coffee. Used lots of methods in past, cheap espresso machine using store bought ground coffee, nespresso, french press, moka pot and most recently porlex hand grinder with beans and aeropress. After doing lots of reading on here, have decided on a second hand decent grinder. Perhaps a super jolly? Looking to spend up to £200 for grinder. Espresso machine not sure on. Will go second hand. Again looking to spend £200. Imagine Gaggia Classic would be good first step. Many advice welcome! Thanks James
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