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  1. Thanks El Carjillo, it's Douglas Fir, I didn't get stain as thought the same. Got varnish as knew we'd have plates and mugs on there so thought the varnish would be stronger? Joey to me that's exactly what I'm trying to replicate, such a lovely look. Definitely secure it, accidents happen :-)
  2. Thanks @joey24dirt, you enabler you missed out this time but I've got a load of freebie 250g bags Has Bean sent me so I'm OK for now tee hee.
  3. Hi Joey Ooo nice new kit! I know this is random but did you make that counter ? We bought some wood a while ago to extend existing kitchen counter depth and turn the far side into a bar height. I've bought some varnish, sanding the wood currently. Did you stain before varnish?
  4. Thanks @joey24dirt, I had 2 doubles, delicious but bad idea :-P Makes me realise I've had some pretty bad 'lattes'in coffee shops, had one Thurs which i knew was just acidic compared to what we're making at home recently ,even with too coarse a grind.
  5. Thanks, yes it is, it seems fine now and I'm sure a screw will do, though for our needs re lattes the current setting will be fine I'm sure. I've sent the guy a message and his cash back. EBay doesn't seem have any other setting to reverse things so I guess I'll leave feedback and hopefully that's the end of that and we can take a breather ha.
  6. Thanks Joey and everyone for bearing with us - need to now figure out how to re-pay for the item as he refunded it so fast before we have even shipped it back to him.
  7. Hi everyone, We watched some videos online and were braver today - the lower burr was removed too, everything cleaned and hoovered - this time, we got to the point the burrs were touching, then went back slowly until grinds finally started coming through the chute. We now have it at that setting, ie the finest the machine will do. The Sage was much happier, and you can see the shot. We timed a shot and it was around 24 seconds. Using the naked PF there was a point where it jetted out in 2 streams for a little bit, and some showering outside of the shower head (1 thin spurt for around 5 seconds) - is this too fine? The machine is not choking though. The stream of coffee is much creamier/caramel looking and thicker than before so I know this is much better already. Do you think everything looks as it should, ie should we contact the seller to say we will keep it?
  8. Hi Joey at the moment he's just refunded, and yes the burrs are touching when hubby got to around level 6 to give you an idea. When it's set to 6 it won't even pull beans through, hence nothing coming through shute. The grind is very coarse we can only get it to function at level 9 no lower, you can see chunky bits, OK for a cafetiere if we had one. I can post pics, hubby compared our burrs with pics of new ones online and said they looked the same. I'll snap some photos tomorrow so you can see if anything stands out as obvious. Would a video help? I was thinking we could post to YouTube.
  9. Hi everyone, we told the ebayer there was a problem, he's refunded within a few moments of my request. Now unsure how it works as I arranged the pick up, I'd be out of pocket if I had to pay postage again.. . Anyway, hubby feels he checked everything he could and nothing seemed obvious, the burrs seem OK, he'd checked online as to what they should look like new. He might have another try in the morning, but is genuinely stumped, he took a mechanics course and is training to be an electrician so he's technically minded.
  10. We've opened it up, lubricated the threads on the adjustment ring. The springs and burrs look fine. It will work but if you adjust it to when the burrs are touching it doesn't move at all. If you go halfway to the fine setting the burrs seem to touch basically. The only level that works is the 9 setting that's basically too coarse. Inside everything seemed level.
  11. Thanks everyone, unfortunately this mechanical aspect is not my strongpoint, have sent this link to hubby to see if he will have a go over the weekend at dismantling to have a look. I feel really disappointed and frustrated it's been such a faff so far (aside from the Sage ), with luck though he'll be able to fix it or get some clarity at least. The ebayer is pushing me so that 'ebay can release payment'. I have not heard of this, maybe it is because he only has a few feedback. I will message him to say it is not working as expected and that we are going to take a closer look over the weekend.
  12. Hi everyone, well it seems I'm the unluckiest person.. .This Mazzer grinds, but only at level 9. Anything lower than that and nothing comes out. Turning to lower is incredibly hard, and the noise changes at level 6. @coffeechap does this sound fixable or do I have another eBay return on my hands? Might be others can advise too... The SDT is not happy with such a coarse grind, needless to say.
  13. Hi all, machine has arrived and seems fine, 65mm opening so I will look on ebay for 67mm as imagine it needs to be wider. Everyone on ebay seems to only mention the outer dimension not the lower one, also screw vs snap on versions?
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