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  1. I've recently bought a used Duo Temp Pro, and I have a question about the water filter: if I already have a Brita water filter jug, do I still need to replace the water filter inside the machine? On the instruction manual I believe it says to use fresh water every time the machine is to be used, so if I fill the water tank from my Brita jug, I take it the water filter inside the Duo Temp Pro is useless?
  2. How about we leave the politics out of a coffee forum? Is this the Fazenda Rainha Da Paz?
  3. Not at all! Chatswood is on the bottom, Ozone at the top. Not sure why the image is rotated on the post, here's a link to a higher resolution version: https://imgur.com/a/PIxWFdv
  4. The bag says milk chocolate and fruit berries, but I don't think I've tasted berries yet (could be my method, I'm pulling double shots on the Flair and drinking them straight). It tastes kind of chocolate-y to me; I'd describe it as heavy body, and it's a darker roast than Chatswood. I actually have the Union decaf blend on order so I might compare it with the Ozone decaf when it arrives.
  5. @kennyboy993 I noticed you had a thread searching for a decaf tasting similar to Rave's Chatswood Blend, have you had any luck with the search? I just got into decaf and liked Ozone's Swiss Water decaf from La Encantadora (Colombia) but at £10 per 250g it's expensive.
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