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  1. Yes it was me, my Mara X is October 2020 production and it doesn't have the bracket/connector. However I notice it's not really affecting the rigidity or stability of the machine, because the back panel is already secured on the bottom but 2 hex bolts and on top by 2 screws (connected to the top plate).
  2. zellleonhart

    Mara X

    Hmm... sounds like a brew thermocouple short circuited halfway. How do I check if the thermocouple short circuited? And which component is the thermocouple actually? I did the OPV rerouting mod but it was okay for the past few days. Not sure if anything was affected by it. UPDATE: cooled it down and warmed up again, all good now. Seems to be an one-off thing for now
  3. zellleonhart

    Mara X

    Hi all, I have a small issue with my Mara X this morning. (All at Brew priority, temp setting #1) At the 30th min of warm up the steam pressure was still showing 2.6 bar (usually it should slowly drop back to below 1 bar after like 18 mins) and only went down to 1 bar at around 45th minute. The shot I pulled today was a failure, I think the temp was too hot and I can see the water boiling/some steaming when I engage the group head lever. After pulling a shot, the steam pressure goes up to 2 bar which is unusual. Usually it only reaches 1.5 bar max. Is there anything that could cause this?
  4. Looks like the latest version doesn't have the bracket anymore. This video uploaded in January 2021 by Mauro shows that it is not there anymore (4:45 onwards) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hkfl3O2YlY
  5. I removed the back panel so I forgot how the tubes were arranged before that, tomorrow morning I shall reorganized them again. I forgot to link the pic just now - this is tube I meant that was slightly loose: And also, on a side note, my Mara X doesn't come with this plate (https://i.imgur.com/Fixyb6M.jpg) stabilizing the back panel... Manufactured in Oct 2020, could it be a new version that doesn't require it? hmm
  6. @Doram I successfully did the mod today! After a week's usage and removing the back panel (just need to loosen 2 small hex nuts), it's so much easier. In fact I didn't really need to heat up the tubes. However I am a little worried about this tube because the inner diameter seems to be larger than other tubes - it slides very easily onto the 6mm Y-connector. I pushed it to the end and it seems to be fairly snug, but is this tube under any high pressure to the extent that it will slide off on its own? Other than that, everything seems to be fine. The first shot I pull seems to be loud
  7. Sometimes when idle, my machine makes a pump sound and the pump pressure goes up for 3-4 seconds and goes back to zero. Is that an indicator of auto-fill?
  8. Just to pitch in about electricity usage - my wifi smart plug can measure usage (might not be as accurate as kill-a-watt but at least a ball park figure). Below are the kWh data over the past few days: 9:30am to 16:00 (3 shots, 2 steams): 0.86 kWh 9:30am to 10:40am (1 shot 1 steam): 0.33 kWh 9:30am to 10.45am (1 shot 1 steam): 0.34 kWh Looks like a fresh start up for an hour plus 1 milk drink will use about 0.33 kWh. Maybe this data could help you to figure out something.
  9. zellleonhart

    Mara X

    Hi all, new to Mara X and was thinking about something. Reading from a few places I understood that after pulling the first shot, the best time frame to pull the second shot is somewhere between 1.5 to 4 (or 5) minutes before the temperature exceeds the target range and I'll have to wait another 15-20 minutes for it to cool down. What about the scenario where I pulled the first shot AND steamed milk, does the above still apply? If yes, the 1.5 minutes is counting from the end of the first shot or end of steaming? If no, do I need to wait 15 minutes? Overthinker here 😛
  10. Thanks for the kind words, indeed I had the same thought to try the machine at its stock configuration first to make sure everything is working as it should. I have pulled about 6 shots and made 3 milk drinks, everything is working as it should. I found the video by Lelit Insider showing how to remove the back panel, it's easier than I thought and I will do it this weekend. Happy with it so far!
  11. Hi all, I have just received my Mara X yesterday and I already have the parts with me. I opened up the casing even before the first use of the machine, so everything inside is cold, not warmed up or anything. I hesitated because I tried very hard but couldn't pull the first tube (to OPV) from the X connector. With the tight clearance I cannot imagine detaching all 4 tubes from the X connector and replace with the Y connector. Is there anyway to loosen the tubes? I know warming the connector/tube will help but if I turn on the machine for some time and off later to mod, I am afraid of the
  12. I just received my Mara X today, tried pulling 2 shots and both failed miserably as I used grind settings similar to the Flair's, and it's too coarse. Will try with new batch of beans tomorrow morning (it's 11pm here)! But out of curiosity I tried to steam about 200ml of cold water (8 C) after the 2nd shot and it maintained decent pressure at 1.2~1.3 bar consistently until it reached 60 C. I didn't wait it for to reach 1.5 bar before trying to steam. Hopefully it stays this way...
  13. Reading the recent threads gave me some anxiety because I just took the leap and upgraded from a flair to the Mara X (it should arrive in a week). I hope my machine will not have these issues 😂
  14. Just placed an order as well. My Mara X is arriving next week so I have some time to play with my old Mignon MK2 until the niche arrives in March!
  15. zellleonhart

    Mara X

    Riding on the topic to understand more - for this situation (>5 minutes between the first and 2nd shot), can't I just do a flush like a normal HX machine does to "lower" the temp? Or this will actually have an adverse effect causing it to heat up even more (since it activates the heating element)? In another word, what I am curious is - if the group temp is higher than desired brew temp, is waiting ~15 minutes the only way or I can flush?
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