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  1. Yup.. That's what I said.. I can't touch the groupgead for more than 3 seconds... A couple of seconds and it burns my fingers... I've tried warming up 20 min and also 1 hr... The group head feels the same... So that's how I came up with the conclusion
  2. Nope... In fact the group head is extremely hot... I can't hold it for more than 3 seconds...in fact nowadays I'm brewing at 88 degrees
  3. When I pull the lever.. I'll get abt 27 to 30 secs for a 2oz shot at ard 9 to 9.5 bar pressure
  4. From my experience with the brewtus 2, every morning it takes 15 to 20 min and the group head is very hot to touch and temperature displayed is 96 degree celcius
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