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  1. Ok all, was troubleshooting a problem on my gaggia, and in removing the boiler I pulled one of the wires out of the auber thermocouple. There's no way to fix this is there? Not sure what goes into soldering those wires but looks like it's covered with some heat resistant silicone over the top, so wondering if it's just a matter of soldering those wires back to the housing or if it's more complicated than that from a calibration perspective. Thanks,Andrew
  2. Thank you sir. I couldn't find it referenced anywhere in any parts manuals I found. Any idea where you got that info? I'm guessing I'll have to find a local hardware store to find some of that?
  3. Any idea what material that tubing is made from? I'm fixing a classic for a friend and his doesn't have the rubber tubing over the thermal fuse. Just need to know what material to get at the hardware store? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  4. Good question, on the shot that actually pulled it was 18g going in. I did not measure what was coming out, just filling a 2oz shot glass. I can do that tomorrow morning when I play some more. What is my target? I have been putting in 18g of beans for a double, when I went down to 15g it was much better flow. Am I mixing something up as looking now I see anywhere from 14-18 to 18-21 as recommended for a double shot, but I know by triple basket calls out 21g, so now I'm confused.
  5. I don't have channeling problems, but I am fighting a flow problem in initially dialing in my machine and grinder that I've got in another thread. Any tamping and I'm essentially completey blocking the flow. Cloughy, thanks for the suggestion. I did completely clean the brewhead before giving this all a go, so think I'm all set there. Think you are right on the grind, just surprised as the grind level that's getting me flow is outside the range recommended for Baratza. Could be a function of the oily beans too as this really is my first go at all this.
  6. All, trying to get my head around the reason for adjusting the OPV on my new to me Gaggia Classic. I've done a whole bunch of searching, but nothing that exactly answered my question. Closest I got was here. Right now I am trying to dial in the tamp/grind/dose to just get flow through the machine (a different thread I have). Am I correct that even if you have a machine that has the OPV setting at 12bar, if you have a puck that will flow at 9bar that OPV won't come into play/matter. So if I can't get flow through a puck at a 12bar setting, changing the OPV to 9bar won't change anythi
  7. For the video of the grinding, yes, I weighed it with a hand held scale I have. Can't comment on the accuracy, but I know it's more accurate than my hand-to-brain scale! I believe they were freshly roasted as the store I got them from roasts their own beans. Agreed on the oilyness. I wasn't sure what that was an indicator of other than the obvious (they are oily). Tamping is really to just ensure the puck is fully soaked, without channels to bypass the grinds right. So as long as I don't have channels, the tamp is secondary and is used to better distribute the flow across all t
  8. Afternoon all. I just got into this espresso coffee, namely for making lattes in the morning and just got the Sette 270 and the new (to me) Gaggia Classic up and running. A quick history on what I have tried so far. Fresh (beans)from a local store. I started with a setting on the Sette of about 3 with 18g of beans in a double PF basket. With that I couldn't get very little if any flow with a moderate tamp. I did the same weight of beans and went to a setting of 5 and was a little different, but still not anywhere close to where I needed to be. So I went to the same weight of
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