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  1. Hi all, Got a fairly old gaggia classic. This morning, after making a coffee, I closed the steam valve and flicked the switch to turn the steam thing off followed by the power switch. Around this point, there was a reasonably loud pop and a load of black stuff came out through the group head. The portafilter had been a bit stiff recently when going into the machine. I did a descale and backflush yesterday and seemed okay. A couple of times on the backflush the boiler went a bit quiet after a couple of seconds. Any ideas on cause of this? What I might need to check? Not found a huge amount from searching. Have ordered a new head gasket but wondering if any other key things I might need to do. Cheers. Harry
  2. Driving down south from Leeds and can swing by if possible
  3. Interested in this. can come for a look / potential buy if suitable Sunday afternoon?
  4. Brilliant, comes with instructions? or do you recommend any decent videos to help?
  5. I nipped into Melbourne in Lichfield when visiting my parents. Better than the chains but far from brilliant. Their advertising is annoying, and dont see why they get their beans from London. I say this but i cant think if any better ones near there.
  6. My mothers Gaggia Classic is apparently playing up in the following ways. - Water is leaking out of steam wand. - Coffee spraying outside of portafilter when pulling shot - Apparently nasty weak coffee coming out as a result I'm going to give it a service, replace group head gasket, put in new valve for steam wand. What else would be recommended to do/replace to try and restore original standards? She previously used tap water through it so im guessing alot of the problem is coming from general build up of limescale.
  7. Everything ive had from Clifton Coffee has been decent, pretty cheap as well
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