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  1. Just trying to clarify in my mind the primary purpose. Is it to regulate a consistent ‘right’ temperature between pulling shots or between water and steaming temperature switches? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It’s really odd, I turned it clockwise and it dropped to 12 bar. It’s very stuttery too so I’m wondering whether the gauge has had it. I still suspect I’ve got a blocked thread too as I’ve only got 360 to 450 degree of total adjustment from top to bottom
  3. Delatroy, hopefully I’m finished today, want to pm me your address?
  4. Hi guys, I only got about 180 degrees till it felt like I could turn no further, any thoughts? Bit more background. Initial pressure test was off the scale, so I turned off immediately and proceeded to turn the 5mm. It was tight to get moving, but the machine was cold and ten years old so to be expected (gap to get my sockets back) If I turn clockwise it’s fine, then anti-clockwise and it hits the buffer again so guess I’m quite out of sync!) Before I turn the machine on again, thought I’d come back to the forum for thoughts. Because the ‘anti-clockwise’ comment and my experience feels count-intuitive. Feels like I’m now on max pressure, when it should be loosened to reduce pressure.
  5. Thanks John, brill write up, but I’m going to leave it to Mono
  6. Hi John, I’m interested. May I ask if it’ll grind fine enough for espresso, paired with fresh beans of course and a gaggia classic). Also where are you located? In case I could collect.
  7. Seconded for C.U.P, two beans on offer Also good bales
  8. Assume this has been modded to remove the hopper? So mind me asking what the height is now? Might try and get my hands on another SJ if would fit under my kitchen unit Otherwise 2nd in line please
  9. Dusty ape coffee, but may be a little trek (Trowbridge nearest town)
  10. Reality is a budgeting is a hard fact for most, but you can boost spending power Tip 1 - google one word camelcamelcamel. This is an awesome website that tracks amazon prices over time. Allows you to see if current price is fair, or allows you to set a threshold to be notified when the price drops. I bought a bbq at a stonking reduction in January thanks to this Tip2 - get an Amex gold card. Spend £2k on this in under three months and you get £100 gift card. You can boost this by £15 by amazon under a current offer I’m basically re farming money saving expert (MSE) advice here, another super website
  11. Adding to the list . New list: 1 Eddiex 2 Stu 3 jj-x-ray 4 narbs 5 benreade
  12. Seeds from a packet, or dried from a consumed tomato?
  13. I’m inspired! Proper tomatoes are to die for. Really fancy setting up a tomato plant corner in the garden. I do however have three kids, including a two year old boy. Anything glass is a non-starter. Any suggestions for a compact tomato house?
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