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  1. Sorted, it was the portafilter holder resonating 🤣🤣🤣I have it loose because I'm using funnel on top of my portafilter
  2. Burrs are not touching, I removed top and bottom burr and same results... But you gave me idea, that I tried to move adjusting knob while grinder was running and it's stopped, but also started on different grind size.. As I'm rotating coarser or finer, it's stopping and resonating again. Hmmm
  3. Hi. Guys, just wondering if anyone experiencing same issue. On beginning actually until these days, my specialita was very very quiet, but suddenly started to be quiet noisy and I can here some resonating sound. I'm cleaning regularly and all screws are tight. Thanks for suggestions and advice J VID_20200709_203015.mp4
  4. Hey guys, for sale cleaned upper body. No aggressive acids where used. 15£Inc delivery. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, offering this spares one for 7£inc.delivery.. Thanks
  6. Hi chaps.I have this spare one for sale.Never been used,I still have other one on my classic(don't like the brass one,massive channeling so went back to original) 10£ postage inc.I can post it on Thursday or Friday. Cheers J
  7. https://coffeelink.com/
  8. Guys,I'm just curious,I have PID ,dimmer switch on gaggia classic and I'm very happy with the results.My question is,Did anyone compared same coffee beans on HX or e61 machine?How massive or not big difference did you find in taste? I don't know anyone who has ''another'' level machine,so never tasted other brew that from gaggia and same coffee beans for comparison. Thanks
  9. Pid,dimmer switch,Opv. Steam wand helps with the milk.
  10. Gaggia decalcificante is made for descaling aluminium boilers!.It contains <25% Citric acid,<10% I-(+)- lactic acid and Corrosion inhibitor which is a chemical compound added to liquid or gas decreases the corrosion rate of a material!I think comrades in Italy having good knowledge in chemistry and mixing very nice elixir which works like a charm 😄
  11. So did you find out what cause the leak?
  12. You may experience uneven extraction with the brass one,no tapered holes which are positioned too close to the edge.I went back to the old one and also original shower screen.Much better extraction without channeling,also it cools down quicker after you switched off machine and that is what we need with aluminium boiler to prevent corrosion.
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