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  1. Chrome finish lets say?👌 alibaba has available custom design styles ..minimum is two grinders to order 😎 https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/New-Design-Style-Household-Espresso-Bean_1600201022403.html
  2. sold for 149£!!!not to me ..luckily ...or not?
  3. Hmmm,no pics,weird discription..but feedback 100%..I want to bid ,but something telling me not to😈
  4. Hi guys. I'm thinking about selling my hand grinder.. Didn't find much use, still in great condition , I did grind about 1 kg of coffee, bought it on Ali .. How much would be roughly? Cheers
  5. I have 1zpreso Q2,which is the entry one.Im just curious ,because I'm using it only for filter coffee ,but didn't try proper light roast to grind ,so trying to get some info and find out how difficult it's Gona be grind it.Thanks
  6. But I have different question, I like filter coffee too. Did you try grinder on coarse for filter? How was the result... It should be easier to grind...
  7. I think smart Pro is better for me than specialita,I sold specialita ...Getting messi very quickly ,burrs needs to be align (in my case after 6 months of use) If you want to upgrade definitely need to go higher...niche ,etc..
  8. I wouldn't call it upgrade ,I had same issues ..I bought on eBay proper aluminium shower(not original alloy) holder with tapered holes and using original screen and results are always great ..with the brass holder didn't find better thermal stability only cons.takes longer to cools down ..that is my experience ..
  9. Compared with specialita Eureka side by side,I prefer sage.New version is just great,I tried also friends niche ,difference is there but only a bit but the price tag ...
  10. so medium roast would be fine?considering niche cheers
  11. Yes postage Inc.I don't want to play with the price😎,so collection would be 5£cheaper...cheers
  12. Hi there and thanks for the offer, but price is solid 😎
  13. Hi guys. I would like to offer for sale this green lady.Is less than a year old and can be used for single grinding or with the hooper.Collection from South Ealing or I can post it Asking price 270£ delivery Inc.
  14. Same here, can't add anything in for sale section..
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