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  1. Any likelyhood of extending or re-issuing the discount code pleaseeeeeeee?
  2. Hi I'd like to buy your machine please for the £1200 you are asking for it if it is still available? I'm in Southampton about 2 hours away, so collection will not be a problem, although I may not be able to pick it up for a couple of weeks as am off on my hols until the 5th August. Will be happy to send you a deposit to secure the sale. If still available, will pm you all of my contact details etc. Regards Alex
  3. Thanks.....I’m looking forward to the big spend up and beginning my journey to great coffee at home
  4. I did the Barrista level 1, Antonia took the course, she was really good and packed so much in, I would recommend it to anyone, it was time and money well spent. I’ll most likely be back again for the level 2 once I have a machine and grinder and have practiced what I’ve learnt in level 1.
  5. I’ll be paying some of them a visit now I know what a good coffee tastes like. I did a 3 hour course at Winchester Coffee School yesterday and it was a revation to me!
  6. Hi, I’ve been lurking on these forums for a little while. I’m looking to buy my first machine and grinder and begin my journey to great coffee. The forums here are very informative especially the sticky’s in the new members section.
  7. Researching coffee machines and looking for reviews via Google for me too.
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