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  1. Any advice appreciated, I have upgraded my Gaggia classic with a brass group head and IMS shower screen GA200IM. My dilemma is that, do i tighten the center screw fully as the chap at The Espresso shop said i should, but this eliminates any flex in the screen and it fits flush with the grouphead this results in no "rain shower effect" which i think i am try to achieve. or do i loosen screw and then the water pours through the four outlets on the group head resulting in water coming out the sides of shower screen. Each method results in water not coming through all the holes on the IMS shower screen which i thought it would. Now maybe the invisible magic "rain shower effect" happens when the portafilter is engaged as it may hold the water on the surface of the coffee longer than just watching it with no portafilter?? TBH if i cant find a solution then i'll be a trifle annoyed as wanted to improve my shots. i was surprised to see that the brass group head water outlet holes are smaller than the factory fitted grouphead which shoots rather than flow to water out. Anyways hope i get some tips thanks in advance
  2. I'm fine tuning my grinding skills with a baratza encore for espresso. Do anyone out there have an opinion on the better method i am trying which i cant find anywhere on the web hence joining this forum. For the record i keep the hopper empty and weigh my doses individually method 1 start empty grinder running and immediately pour weighed dose of beans into the grinder method 2 pour weighed dose of beans into grinder and then switch on grinder although i cant be absolutely sure? I think method 1 is best as i seem to yield a more even grind and the grinder requires cleaning less. Many thanks
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