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  1. https://galvanisedsteelguttering.co.uk/products/87mm-black-prelaq-steel-round-rainwater-hopper I would spray paint this silver - once the grinder finally arrives...
  2. @MWJB - yes that's right 5.5 turns (I've started using a different numbering system now, so 5.5 turns is recorded as 55 on my sheet) Anyway, you're absolutely right about the coarseness and the length of time to brew for. I tried a longer brew with slightly finer grind at 45 which was great! More generally, I found that darker roasts like lower temps and lighter roasts can tolerate higher temps (however, pinch of salt because my results are with different bean varieties, not the same green bean roasted to different levels). I've tried 2 types of dark roast and 3 types of lighter roast.
  3. I'm using a double-walled steel press (Espro-P7) which claims to lose less energy than a normal glass press, and so should keep the temperature from falling so quickly - though I haven't measured temperatures at the end of a brew. But, based on what you've said, my ratio seems ok, so maybe a coarser grind would give better results. As tomorrow is Sunday, I have 2 brews in mind: increase the coarseness to 550 on the Kinu, and then do 24g in 400mL at 84oC for 1m30s. If that doesn't seem like progress then later on, with the same coarseness, 24g in 400mL at 84oC and brew for 30 minutes.
  4. Thanks @MWJB - I tried a brew with 21g in 400mL at 92oC for 6 minutes (because I couldn't trust myself to know what bitter was for a moment) but the thing was undrinkable. I might take your advice and try a medium grind of 24g in 400mL at 90oC for 4 minutes and see... This morning's 24g in 400 at 84 for 1m30s was OK but sour - I think with the 24g I'm hitting that ratio of 1:16.6667 which is most awesome. I don't want to just pack it in and blame the beans, but there might be a bit of that variable in that they are most likely stale supermarket stuff... I know the pre-ground can make a lovely cup...
  5. I'm pretty new at experimenting with the French press, but I found that darker roasted beans which are oily brew better at lower temps. So far, I would say: - Dose (too low produces a weak cup) - Time (too long can increase bitterness in oily beans) - Temperature (lower for oily, around 84oC, higher for light roast, I stick to 94oC max) - Grind (I don't play with this variable too much, settle at a coarse setting, 500 on the Kinu M47) I'm currently playing with some Tesco finest Sumatra beans which are dark and oily - so far the best cup has been with 21g in 400mL for 2m30s at 82oC, but it was a bit weak. My next step is to try 24g in 400mL for 2m30s at 82oC.
  6. I really like the Linea Mini - but I'd want to replace the paddle and guide with a metal or wood version. The V is pretty hardcore too it seems...
  7. Oh it's definitely a beast - but wow how easy and awesome to use! I cant really compare the grinds to anything yet, but I wondered if this might be informative:
  8. Not so much to show off at the moment being a humble French-presser at the moment, but I'm really happy with the new setup as you can see below... You can just about see the Kinu M47 grinder there at the back. It's the most awesome piece of coffee kit ever, and my first grinder. I'll post more about it in the grinder section later. Not shown here is the Espro-P7 French press - which is most awesome. I've already taken my first steps at comparing: pre-ground VS freshly-ground, and supermarket-roasted VS freshly-roasted. In the process I've learnt about the variables I can adjust to get the brew right (the kit in the new setup allows consistency and accuracy to greater degree). Brew temperature, grind size (ish), coffee dose and ratio to water, brewing time. I find that freshly-roasted and ground beans are easier to 'learn' and much more forgiving because the flavours are like a massive party in the mouth. However, the supermarket-roasted (probably last year) beans are like being at the funeral of a very distant relative. And so on...
  9. I usually drink a fine, rare Tesco Sumatra Mandheling pre-ground in a French press - which blew me away when I first tried it. I think I've outgrown the method, so I bought my first pack of pre-roasted whole bean from Machina Express: Country: Brasil Farm: Fazenda Esperanca Varietal: Icatu Process: Natural Elevation: 1100 masl It's not described as tasting anything like the Sumatra, but it can go in the coffee journal nevertheless. Once the correct hand-grinder is chosen, I'm ready to take my French press to the next level...
  10. Some very beautiful hand grinders you've suggested @Stanic and thanks @Inspector for the insight - I have some research and thinking to do...
  11. Amazing! I'd love to get one off you if you still have any. Please PM me if possible.
  12. The Kinu looks so lovely but the price tag... The Aergrind is good Scottish-made grinding but where did it go? I'm trying to see if I have what it takes to pay what Kinu are asking... Is it really that much better for the price?
  13. Thanks I've downloaded the plans for this adapter - it fits onto the top rear end for smoke exhaust. Additionally I wanted to design an adapter for the back of the collection/cooling unit where the beans go after roasting is complete - so it's these dimensions I was wondering about... ?
  14. Hi - to anyone who owns the Bullet R1: I'm thinking of attaching a ventilation duct to the back of the cooling tray (where the fan expels air) - what are the dimensions of the back portion here? I've found specs for this hard to come by.
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