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  1. This is now sold elsewhere. Thanks for the interest. J
  2. Hi Steve, The warmup time is about 5-10 mins for espresso - I believe the Linea Mini has a small boiler to enable this and it's different from La Marzocco's larger/commercial machines in this respect. I'm not 100% sure that steam is available at full power in this time although I don't ever recall switching the wand on and getting watery steam. I believe the photos are reflective of the actual condition. It does have a couple of small marks but none of them detract from the overall appearance or suggest anything other than normal wear and tear, imho. I don't recall anything in particul
  3. Hi Sam, £1900 is a bit on the low side, although I appreciate the Vesuvius is a lovely machine and a great deal. Are you actually in Aberdeen or closer to Sheffield? Thanks, J
  4. Hi, I originally picked this up around a year ago to put in a second home that I was renting for my work but it is now surplus as we have a Londinium R at home in Sheffield. It was purchased second-hand and is around 4 years old now. After receiving it, I had it serviced by Caffeine Fix in Edinburgh around the beginning of this year and then it had light use for 6 months before going into "retirement". As you can see from the pics, it's in good condition overall - just a few marks here and there. It makes lovely espresso and steam is pretty close to commercial standard. Tbh, we are o
  5. Thanks guys. I hadn’t heard of the Wilfa but it looks good in terms of price/size vs the vario. The reviews seen say that it’s about as good as the encore for grind quality. Does that sound about right for v60 etc? Cheers. J
  6. I'd be interested in this if you pick it up next time. 37. Orge 250g (no LSOL at present) Thanks, J
  7. Hi, I'm going to be travelling and staying away from home in hotels for work for the foreseeable future. I have a v60 and a feldgrind 2, which I find are fantastic for making pourover when on holiday. However, I'm finding that hand grinding is getting a bit monotonous for early morning starts and I'm considering whether there might be a "portable-ish" electric grinder I could transport in the boot of my car. I've just sold a Baratza Vario with my old espresso machine, so that's the first option that springs to mind and I'm slightly kicking myself for selling it on! Is there anything el
  8. Hi, Looks great! We don't bother with RDT on our 6-8 month old conical. Pretty sure that in/out weights were within 0.1g when I last felt the need to check! Same on the flat but I do find my Lyn Weber HG-One benefits from it. Have bean cellars for dosing and pouring but they wouldn't be good as a container for RDT: https://lynweber.com/accessories/bean-cellars-glass/ J
  9. No probs. Will chase Bradley up with a phone call on Monday, if we don’t hear anything before then. Thanks, J
  10. Hi, Here’s an update to let others on the thread know the status of this. I made an offer about a week ago and Bradley asked for my email address to send an invoice. I returned this info straight away and asked a few questions about payment etc. I’ve chased him up once since then but haven’t heard anything from Bradley since. Thanks, j
  11. Maybe you should lose it in the warehouse? Seriously though, if you can pallete ship it to Aberdeen for an extra £60 on top of £2450, that sounds good to me! Move to PM? Thanks, J
  12. Hi, I can offer £2200. Unfortunately, I would need to transport it from West Sussex to Aberdeen!? So the logistics are gonna add a fair bit of cost on top of this... Thanks, J
  13. Sold out in about 3 minutes, I reckon!
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I just had a quick play with the Rio Magdalena and a notch finer on the HG One (around 30s for 25g). This did improve the aftertaste but at the expense of a very salty foretaste. I tried tamping a bit lighter and this improved the saltiness a little. I'll def try and drop in to the shop sometime - it's a shame you aren't open on sundays! Thanks, J
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