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  1. Gaggia classic coffee machine with Iberital burr grinder, tamper and milk jug. This machine has an upgraded (Rancillio Silvia) steam wand and upgraded coffee basket. This in my opinion is the best espresso setup available at this price point. The upgraded steam wand is a new addition to the machine and makes a massive difference to the steaming capabilities as well as making the machine more hygienic than the original Gaggia steam wand. Price is firm at £250 with the extras included at this price. Collection only from Hoylake, Wirral (CH47) Image of setup can be seen here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/gaggia-classic-home-espresso-kit-coffee-machine-with-grinder/1281136404
  2. Coffee machine is also on Gumtree I plan to also post on eBay if I don't get any interest on here. Thanks Again David
  3. Thanks @risky Both around 3 years old, have had light use and and regularly cleaned.
  4. Hi and welcome to the sale of my beloved coffee machine setup. Coffee machine is an expobar leva dual boiler with PID and has a naked portafilter with VST basket, this was originally purchased from Bella Baritsta. Grinder is the MAHLKONIG VARIO and comes with all original accessories, this was originally purchased from HasBean. The coffee machine is in great working order, anyone interested in the sale is welcome to come and view the machine and I am happy to demonstrate this machine in use. There are lots of accessories included in the sale including: 3 very good books. Lots of fresh coffee. Tamper and tamper mat. Grinder and espresso machine cleaner. Scales, knock box, jug and cleaning accessories. The pictures below show all items included in the sale. I am looking for a price of £850 all in, I am not currently looking to split the items. I think this show amaizing value for money as I have over £1600 invested here. Thanks for looking all. David
  5. I am currently using a baratza vario grinder and am wondering if there are better grinders out there for espresso. If you could have any grinder regardless of size/cost for espresso what would it be and why? Thanks David
  6. Coffee is over a week old now I'll try again tomorrow with a lighter dose.
  7. 94oC and 30g brew weight Time taken 30s after the first drop in the cup.
  8. Just to add I am using 18g vst basket.
  9. Hi all for the past week I have been trying to get the best out of this espresso. I find using the recommended settings it's extremely sour. I am using an expobar dual boiler and find pushing the temp up doesn't help. The only thing that helps is raising the dose from 19 to 21 grams which makes the espresso much more balanced and works so much better with milk. What are others finding and does anyone recommend anything other than increase dose to de-crease the brightness of the espresso? Thanks David
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