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  1. MrOrk


    There is a joystick operated steam valve on my Vesuvius, quite easy to knock when preparing your next tasty beverage, which I do regularly and SHIT myself each time!
  2. https://www.swisswuff.ch/wordpress/?p=385 This is a good surfing guide. You definitely need to surf the silvia for temp consistency. Like others have said the temp swing is quite large from the boiler light turning off to coming back on. But before that, you need to sort out the pour . I ended up with 16g in, 32g out, i think it only touched the hex nut after expansion. You can break the clumping up with a wooden cocktail stick or such like, clumping doesn’t mean you’re to fine.
  3. Thanks for that, it was the point I was trying to make. The main notable functional flaw is the grind inconsistency, the inconsistency seen with the Niche isn’t a flaw with the Niche, it’s inherent in the design and seen on grinders 4 times the price.
  4. Am I correct in thinking that if you wait 30 mins for your machine to warm up, the sequential warm up is a no brainier as the brew boiler and group will get up to temp first then the steam boiler will warm up after. They will both be up to temp in the 30 mins or so and the steam boiler hasn’t been on the entire time, using less electricity and reducting peak current at the socket, because if the LED white lights are anything to go by then the elements heat sequentially once it’s up to temp as they’re rarely illuminated at the same time. Cheers on a side note I don’t fully understand the HX function, is it for brew temp stability? If i just make 1 milk drink most times I use the V then am I best leaving this on or off?
  5. I have found my milk texturing has improved 10 fold by simply steaming a greater amount of milk than required. I have a 450ml milk jug and have been steaming 150ml of milk with little success, I’ve recently upped this to 250ml and the results are far better. Thought it was worth a share.
  6. @coffeechap does the monolith conical behave in the same way with regards to the inconsistent grind?
  7. @arang I get 51cm front to back, (rear to front edge of the drip tray).
  8. MrOrk


    Speaking of acronyms, I need a list like this to watch Line of Duty
  9. Probably the only one worth sharing I’ve done
  10. Out of interest, what profile are you using on the Vesuvius? A perfusion then straight 9bar? Cheers
  11. Budget is ‘at around the same price point’ commercial volume wouldn’t be an issue, as I mentioned I drink on average 2 flat whites a day. Thanks
  12. Ok just to clarify, -Space is not a factor. -I see how this may have read wrong and will change it, but was supposed to insinuate that I like commercial looking stuff and appreciate its build quality. -‘over in the cup’ as part of the sentence it was apart of, was meaning that my preference for a commercial grinder at that price point, wouldn’t be at the cost of grind quality or taste the Niche has proven to give. - I tend to buy 500g to 1kg at a time to keep things consistent as I’m still learning
  13. My palate is definitely not refined enough to differentiate between flat and conical. I apprciate the Niche Zero has low retention but I suppose I could live with 0.5g or below, if there was anything out there and low clumping also as it all adds up in time per cup. Cheers
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