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  1. @L&R doesn’t the exit chute fill up with grounds? I have to brush them out on my SJ. Is that what the small hole is for? Cheers
  2. Have you achieved it with other machines? If so then it will probably take time to get used to the steam power/wand. If you’re new to it altogether then it takes patients and practice to get consistent. Try watching some tutorials and searching some treads
  3. Does anyone know if burr alignment is something that needs tweaking on ether of these? The worm gear adjustment on the MXD has got to be a real positive.
  4. I think the Silvia is still relevant here, there will always be someone looking for a way into espresso, it's a great learning platform. I agree, you will almost certainly receive a higher price on eBay if it’s worth the agro. if it’s a V3 I’d guess it’s worth around £200 on eBay obviously dependent on condition, im watching a few atm but with accompanying Rockys, they seem to be fetching around £350, which I think is a strong price edit- just seen the pics on the link, it’s a v1-v2 maybe its worth a little less
  5. Hi, are you doing regular maintenance ie back flushing with detergent and descaling? Also are you temp surfing? Cheers
  6. Yes I was thinking that, I’m Probably going to sell It in the non to distant future, so wanted to replace it ideally.
  7. As the title suggests, mine has developed a pin hole for some reason. Thanks for looking
  8. http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/e61-lubrication
  9. MrOrk


    There is a joystick operated steam valve on my Vesuvius, quite easy to knock when preparing your next tasty beverage, which I do regularly and SHIT myself each time!
  10. https://www.swisswuff.ch/wordpress/?p=385 This is a good surfing guide. You definitely need to surf the silvia for temp consistency. Like others have said the temp swing is quite large from the boiler light turning off to coming back on. But before that, you need to sort out the pour . I ended up with 16g in, 32g out, i think it only touched the hex nut after expansion. You can break the clumping up with a wooden cocktail stick or such like, clumping doesn’t mean you’re to fine.
  11. Thanks for that, it was the point I was trying to make. The main notable functional flaw is the grind inconsistency, the inconsistency seen with the Niche isn’t a flaw with the Niche, it’s inherent in the design and seen on grinders 4 times the price.
  12. Am I correct in thinking that if you wait 30 mins for your machine to warm up, the sequential warm up is a no brainier as the brew boiler and group will get up to temp first then the steam boiler will warm up after. They will both be up to temp in the 30 mins or so and the steam boiler hasn’t been on the entire time, using less electricity and reducting peak current at the socket, because if the LED white lights are anything to go by then the elements heat sequentially once it’s up to temp as they’re rarely illuminated at the same time. Cheers on a side note I don’t fully understand the HX function, is it for brew temp stability? If i just make 1 milk drink most times I use the V then am I best leaving this on or off?
  13. I have found my milk texturing has improved 10 fold by simply steaming a greater amount of milk than required. I have a 450ml milk jug and have been steaming 150ml of milk with little success, I’ve recently upped this to 250ml and the results are far better. Thought it was worth a share.
  14. @coffeechap does the monolith conical behave in the same way with regards to the inconsistent grind?
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