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  1. I own an Oscar 2 but my brother owned SDB which I am selling for him now so has a chance to spend a bit of time playing about with it. Both machines got good and bad points but I love the super quick heat up time of the SDB, temp stability as the ability to adjust the brew/steam temp, Pre-infusion etc... I was actually considering keeping it but it is larger footprint which makes it impossible for me.
  2. Four years old in fully working order. Just been serviced by coffee classics (22/2) - new Triac pcb, orange washer set, thermal link, fully descaled. really quiet without any funny noises or anything worrying. Descaled and back flushed regularly although run on non scaling bottled water. Few marks but nothing major - mainly on the drip tray. Comes with single and double basket /non pressurised/, trimming tool, back flushing disc. Done 1460 shots so roughly 4 shots a day. I am aware eBay is most likely best bet with this but thought I’ll give forum members a chance bef
  3. I am very pleased with Oscar 2. If you can live without the water spout and flushes required as HX you should be very happy. OPV kit is recommended though. I used to run mine without for a while and I'd say get it done straight away. The cheapest I can see at the moment is on Amazon.fr @ 835 euro - not sure if amazon includes vat/customs though.
  4. https://www.theroastery.co.uk/product/temptag-tri-milk-temperature-guide/ These are not the one I’m using but same idea. They will change colour with temperature
  5. I found temp tags very good !
  6. Sure that’s understandable. If you decide to go ahead with it drop me a pm as I might not watch the thread. We will obviously confirm in this thread if it comes to it.
  7. Yes that’s right. I could risk it but the best I could offer is £18 delivered. If it doesn’t fit it will be difficult to sell on without any idea what machine it fits.
  8. I don’t think it will fit. Mine seems to be about 20mm
  9. Cheers, would you be able to measure the distance between the handle and the closer lug as well ?
  10. Hi Is there any indication on the box as per fitting ? reference numbers? can you measure the lugs for me ?
  11. Decided to share my current coffee corner in the end. I started my espresso journey with Delonghi Dedica paired with hand grinder which got replaced with smart grinder pro. After about 18 months I decided it’s time to move on and purchased duo temp pro which I was quite pleased with for over two years. In the beginning of first lockdown the SGP got replaced with mazzer mini E which felt like a large step up. Few months later the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 came together with Eureka Olympus. Upgraded soon after with Elektro’s Opv kit. The grinder doesn’t fit under the cupboa
  12. Funnily enough on my previous Oscar 2 I had non original gasket when bought it and the portafilter would sit straight. On my current Oscar 2 which is new and comes with original gasket fitted the portafilter sits a bit further to the right. I just have the spout adjusted so it is parallel. if you already bought the gasket this is something that can help https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Universal-Paper-Filterholder-Gasket-Spacer-ø-73x59x08mm/m-m-2352.aspx
  13. Glad to hear it has worked ! it’s a good practice to clean your shower screen and dispersion plate once a week in home use.
  14. It’s recommended to replace the gasket once a year so I would definitely get it done. something like this will work https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/gb/Cafelat-Nuova-Simonelli-Silicone-Group-Seal-9mm-BLUE/m-m-4143.aspx Not sure if this would be related to the lower pressure but it’s a good place to start.
  15. https://www.amazon.de/Wilfa-Svart-Aroma-Kaffeem-hle/dp/B071Z6G317
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