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  1. Bit overkill mate really. My mrs already says I’m taking over everything lol It’s got to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well I might add.
  2. I’m in pretty much the same boat. I currently have a Niche partnered with my Synchronika but I’m wanting to upgrade my grinder in the near future/now. I want a grinder that does it all too. I like a medium roast for my espresso but prefer light roasts for pour over. I’ve been waiting for a Monolith Flat and even a Max but as you are all aware, they are not easy at all to get hold of. So where does they leave me? I haven’t really got the space for 2 grinders so I have to find one grinder to fit the bill...
  3. I resent paying it too but I can’t use tap water in my machine as the water in my area is wayyyy too hard.
  4. For the time being they go into the recycling, Joey. I’ll be investing in the Osmio at some point in the future though which will obviously greatly reduce our plastic waste.
  5. Hi, when I had a Sage DB I used Ashbeck and left the filter in there. I now use Lockhills with my Synchronika.
  6. I made a couple of v60’s with it yesterday and I think it’s still a bit early. I’m going to wait till I pass judgement on it. Tried a flat white with it this morning. Pulled a ristretto shot, 18 - 18 in 40secs and it was quite nice. At the moment I think this months offering is going to be better with espresso based drinks than v60...
  7. I was under the impression that I wasn’t special enough to get one till I achieved my Monolith nirvana?!
  8. Can’t wait to get mine... one day...
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